Cycling in Vilnius

Cycling in Vilnius

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Vilnius Bike Map / Trakai Bike Map – https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1pw6vWifqwDFToxSojruBNz5IEcI&usp=sharing

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https://velovilnius.lt/uploads/WHOLEMAP_waypoints.gpx https://velovilnius.lt/uploads/WHOLEMAP_tracks.gpx

Vilnius Bike Map 

(Trakai Bike Map see below)

Seperate route descriptions

Is Vilnius a Cycling city? Definitively not. But it could be worse.

On the one hand,  there is no consistent bicycle infrastructure or signing. Bikes paths still “end nowhere” or are maid of two white line, which pedestrians like to ignore …

On the other hand, Vilnius is very green city with plenty of forest and lakes around the city and even large Green areas close to the center (Vingis and Belmontas parks). In Summer time and out of the rush hours traffic is low compared to bigger cities in Europe.

So despite of the lacking cycling infrastructure cycling is really fun in Vilnius.

A choice of Routes for Independent Cycling in and around Vilnius

Interactive map of Vinius bicycle routes: http://www.gpsies.com/mapFolderOnly.do?id=1908   Number are of cause only for orientation

Type —   DurationTour / Route name 

Short trips   about 2 hrs.

#3 Vilnius cityring
# 5 Belmontas / Pavilnio regioninio parko žiedas

Standard trips   about 3-4 hrs.

#7 Kairėnai ir Tapėlių / Šilo lakes
#8 Paneriai Memorial
#  9 Big city circuit / Freedom fighters’ tour Soviet Vilnius

Whole day trips    — 6 hrs.

[1] To the Green Lakes and Europe Park
Trakai (2 ways to Trakai and 3 routes around Trakai)

 #6 – MTB – Antakalnis
#2 – Antaviliai Lakes

Trakai Bike Map

(both the ways from Vilnius to Trakai as routes around Trakai)

now here: http://velovilnius.lt/trakai

Trakai is surely one of the highlights in Lithuania: A Medieval castle on an island within lakes, an Old village with wooden houses an very special traditions and food. A very special target not far from Vilnlus is the Medieval water castle and former capital of Trakai.

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For your convenience we now separate the routes in the following systems:

by time and distance:

1-2 hrs., about 10-15 km

[2] Vilnius city centre round trip
Name: The small city ring (Old town – Vingis park) Description: it is a good simple possibility to see a ...
Skaityti Toliau
[5] Belmontas
Belmontas Water mill and Puvočiai steep wall 13 km takes 1 ½ hours (without longer stops) http://www.gpsies.com/mapOnly.do?fileId=wdiqpgxhywfsxerd SIGHTS (#5): The ...
Skaityti Toliau

3-4 hrs., about 25-35 km

[3] Antaviliai Lakes [4] Kairėnai Botanical Gardens
[3] Route No. 3 http://www.gpsies.com/map.do?fileId=paozkoemuqpvjszu Lakes in the North East Route description:  http://velovilnius.lt/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/dviraciu_turizmas_EN_route3-antaviliai.pdf [4] To Kairėnai Botanical Gardens and the ...
Skaityti Toliau
(Lietuvių) Asvėjos regioninio parkos trasos
Sorry, this entry is only available in Lithuanian. Netoli nuo Vilniaus slėpiasi dar vienos gamtos perlas: Asvėjos regioninis parkas. Čia ...
Skaityti Toliau
Bike routes around Trakai
All routes in Trakai: (for the routes between Vilnius and Trakai see the other article) Route around Trakai 1 ‘blue ...
Skaityti Toliau
[9] Big city round trip
#2 The Small city circuit brings you to the quarter of Žvėrynas with nice wooden architecture and cafes and the ...
Skaityti Toliau
[1] To the “Green Lakes” and Europe sculpture park
 Maps .To the Green Lakes of Verkiai . .and the “ Centre of Europe ” sculpture park . .General presentation: ...
Skaityti Toliau
[8] To Paneriai memorial (MTB)
By bicycle to Paneriai memorial Name : By bicycle to Paneriai memorial Description: Paneriai is a sad place where several ...
Skaityti Toliau
bike route in Neris nature park
Bicycle route on the left bank of Neris river (Neris Regional Nature Park) bicycle / hiking route on the left ...
Skaityti Toliau

5-6 hrs., about 35-50 km

more cycle routes in Lithuania
you may find on page www.veloland.lt ...
Skaityti Toliau
Routes from Vilnius to Trakai
Bicycle routes between Trakai and Vilnius Leaving Vilnius: 2 ways from the city centre to Lentvaris Now there are two ...
Skaityti Toliau
[1] To the “Green Lakes” and Europe sculpture park
 Maps .To the Green Lakes of Verkiai . .and the “ Centre of Europe ” sculpture park . .General presentation: ...
Skaityti Toliau

by location:

Routes in Vilnius (starting in the Old town)

Routes out of Vilnius (get there public transport or car)

Trakai (both the way to Trakai as routes around Trakai)

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by type:

Routes for the whole family and unexperienced cyclist (mainly avoiding roads with more traffic).

Sightseeing tours (for the tourist)

Mountainbiking (off road trails with a more difficult profile)

populiarūs maršrutai

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Overview: Vilnius bike map

Velo-City Vilnius is proud to present you our new overview map for cycling in Vilnius ...
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Publications for cycling

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Cycle routes from the “Bicycle Routes” Vilnius booklet (published by Vilnius tourism information bureau):

Green Lakes & Europos parkas http://velovilnius.lt/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/dviraciu_turizmas_EN_route1-Zalieji-Ezerai.pdf

Lakes in the North East http://velovilnius.lt/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/dviraciu_turizmas_EN_route3-antaviliai.pdf

Cycling in Vilnius Old Town and Vingis park (the Green lung in the City Center) / http://velovilnius.lt/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/dviraciu_turizmas_EN_route2-Old-Town.pdf


interaktyvus maršrutų žemėlapis / Interactive route map / Karte mit schönen Fahrradrouten in, um und aus Vilnius:



Velo-City Vilnius is proud to present you our new overview map for cycling in Vilnius.

This map privides you with:

a) Recommended bicycle routes in the city of Vilnius

Which way to take and which to avoid?

As in concerns bicycles pathes: Yes, we show them on the map (the blue lines), but we know, that there conditions are very different and that most of them are not cyclable!

b) Recommended bicycle routes around Vilnius

according to the blog:povilniu.popo.lt

Their copy (numbers and interactive maps added) you may find here:


c) Sights and beaches 🙂

Targets for the city’s visitors 🙂

Map made with openstreetmap.org, Velo-City Vilnius and Liūdo Basiūlio data



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