Routes from Vilnius to Trakai

The two main versions how to cycle from Vilnius to Trakai:

Standard route / Maršrutas Vilnius-Trakai

VILNIUS-TRAKAI by bicycle!

Route description

Start: Cathedral square in Vilnius.
Follow the main road “Geminino prospektas” to it’s end. You will come to the Parliament (right hand side) with the monument for the barricades of 1991.
Cross river Neris via the Old bridge and follow Mickevičiaus street to it’s end. Then turn right onto Birute street. You will see the pedestrian bridge over river Neris in front of you. Cross it turning left and go straight through the park, passing the huge Open air stage to the left. And the end of the road you will come to an main road. Turn right here, cycling on the sidewalk and after some 100 meter you will come to a roundabout. Cross it straight and you come on Savanorių prospektas. Here you have to go straight for almost 7km. Then you will pass a railway bridge. After it turn right and after a few dozen meters look left for a green sign.

(ATTENTION! If you went straight after the bridge you will get on the motorway to Kaunas, which is no fun cycling…)
This is an Old road from the 18th century, which goes 1 1/2 km always upwards. At the end you will come to a small village (left hand a church). Ahead you will meet the street and a petrol station. Turn right and cross the bridge over the motorway. Next road turn right and you are already on the Old road to Trakai.
After the next traffic light you might face some more traffic because there is the technical control for cars. You will pass the ruins of the watermill at Murinė Vokė and come to Lentvaris. Here you turn left via the railways and afterwards right to the direction of Trakai.

For Lentvaris I can recommend a trip to Lentvaris manor house (in English red brick style) which is 2 km to the right. Anyhow I recommend to come back to the railways, because the road behind the Manor is really sh***
Later you might see the sign “Varnikų piliakalnis” to the right. By follow this road to the right you avoid to enter Trakai on the main (traffic) road.
At the end of the road you come to an parking place, on the right hand you see the never finished Soviet Yachting club.
To the left there is a small bridge bringing you over the first bay.

Then follow the coast line to the next bridge: This i a ponton bridge – a swimming bridge which will bring you to the ruins of one of the fortifications of Trakai. On the bridge you will already see the impressive water castle of Trakai. After the bridge turn right and follow the promenade at the lake towards the castle.

Map with different versions of how to cycle between Vilnius and Trakai