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New bicycle map for Vilnius available for free!

It just came in fresh: The paper version of the new “Pažink Vilnių dviračiu” (Get to know Vilnius by  bicycle (Published by the Municipial Company  “Susisiekimo paslaugos”).

Get it at the Velo-City Vilnius ofice FOR FREE!

Or download it below  (pdf and png)

New bicycle map for Vilnius available for free!language

The whole map as PDF  (64MB)


Map as PNG image  (smaller, both sides separately)

Map side (as above):


The other side  (with extra information):


The mail works well together with the Bicycle routes booklet published by Vilnius tourism office some years. Of cause we have the booklet in English language in our office as well (and yes, it’s for FREE, too)

Sorry, this map is in Lithuanian

more on velovilnius.lt/bikemap


Cycling in Vilnius

Open the map here: Vilnius Bike Map / Trakai Bike Map – https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1pw6vWifqwDFToxSojruBNz5IEcI&usp=sharing (If you have google maps installed on your smart phone it will open there. If not, then in your web browser) (click on the map to get more information on each track and point) Download the whole map – in order to use it with your own phone app or computer program: kml/kmz (Google Map/ Google Earth, opens eg. with maps.me): https://velovilnius.lt/uploads/WHOLEMAP.kmz https://velovilnius.lt/uploads/WHOLEMAP.kml https://velovilnius.lt/uploads/WHOLEMAP_withnames.kml gpx (Most universal format for GPSnavigation): https://velovilnius.lt/uploads/WHOLEMAP_waypoints.gpx https://velovilnius.lt/uploads/WHOLEMAP_tracks.gpx Vilnius…

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