Easy Leisure Cycling in Vilnius city (2020)

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Easy Leisure Cycling routes for everyone in Vilnius city


Is Vilnius a Cycling city?
Definitively not. But it could be worse.

On the one hand,  there is no consistent bicycle infrastructure or signing. Bikes paths still “end nowhere” or are made of two white lines, which pedestrians like to ignore …

On the other hand, Vilnius is very green city with plenty of forest and lakes around the city and even large Green areas close to the center (Vingis and Belmontas parks). In Summer time and out of the rush hours traffic is low compared to bigger cities in Europe.

So, despite of the sometimes lacking cycling infrastructure cycling is really fun in Vilnius.


In 2020 a free paper map version of the routes on the map above shall be published.

“Bicycle routes in Vilnius”.  The official  map for city guests (2020)







Download the map here: https://velovilnius.lt/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Vilnius_dviraciai.pdf

Or grab a paper copy in our office, in the tourism information offices in Vilnius or in most of the bike shops in Vilnius

There are 5 round routes (circuits) on the map, which can be combined (there are connected among each other)

  • Violet route: To Pavilnys regional park (along Vilnelė river)
  • Orange route: To Žverynas, the TV tower and Vingis park
  • Blue route: Along both sides of Neris river.
  • Green route: Round trip at Verkiai manor and Verkiai Kalvarija (Pilgrimage path with stations of the cross)
  • Red route: Round trip in Verkiai Regional Park (to the Green lakes)



Here an overview of the planned routes on the Map:


Vilnius Bike Map 2020 - overview
Vilnius Bike Map 2020 – overview


Information on the former maps and route descriptions you may find at the end of this page

The routes are meant to be family friendly, offer nice views, avoid heavy traffic roads. You may choose version from 1-2 hours up to whole day trips.

The official map contains 3 routes:

  1. The Green Route: To the Green Lakes
    The certainly most beautiful route in Vilnius.
    First it follows the right (Northern) bank of the river Neris up to the Monastery of Trinapolis and to the Manor house and Nature park of Verkiai. There it leads you through the forests to the beach at lake Balsys.
    Route information: You may ride this route completely on bike and food
    paths, thus between Trinapolis and the Verkiai water mill the main road (no bike / foot path) is the much easier version.
    detailed information here: (there’s a link to come here) [1] To the Green Lakes and Europe Park
  2. The Orange Route: To Vingis Park and the TV tower
    This route opens the Vilnius “beyond the Old town” to you.
    See the Wooden houses in Žvėrynas, enjoy the views from the TV tower and visit Vingis park, the ” Central park” of Vilnius.
    Route information: From Lazdynai to Vingis park you can ride on side walks  but there is no full bike path
    detailed information here: (there’s a link to come here) #3 Vilnius cityring #  9 Big city circuit / Freedom fighters’ tour Soviet Vilnius
  3. The Blue Route: To Kairėnai Botanical Gardens and the beaches in the North East
    This route leads you along the left (Southern) bank of Neris river up to beaches in Valakampiai and at the lakes Šilas, Tapeliai, Balžis, Antavilis.  Nature lovers can visit the Botanical Gardens in Kairėnai.
    This route lacks the more spectacular views of the other two routes, but is popular among the residents of Vilnius for the beaches in Summer, mushroom and berry picking in Autumn.
    Route information: Parts of the are on-road (no foot paths).  It can well be combined with Route No. 1 by riding up the river on side and coming back the other. In Summer there  is a ferry called “Uperis” at Valakampiai that brings you directly to the water mill of Verkiai and lets you avoid the busy or difficult parts on other side of the river.
    detailed information here: (there’s a link to come here) #7 Kairėnai ir Tapėlių / Šilo lakes

Unfortunately some routes got NOT on the paper map. They are regarded as not safe enough due to the traffic on parts of them.
Here they are marked are the GREY routes. You may find more information on our page here below:

  • Route to Belmontas
    the spectacular views on and from Pučkoriai cliff makes this area one of the hidden treasures of Vilnius. And it’s just an half hour ride away from the city center.
    more  information here: # 5 Belmontas / Pavilnio regioninio parko žiedas
  • Route to Paneriai
    deep forests hide a former Soviet military base, an old railway tunnel and a mass grave from WW II with mainly the Jews of Vilnius. 
    more  information here: #8 Paneriai Memorial
  • Routes to Trakai
    one of the highlights in Lithuanian is the medieval water castle of Trakai – the biggest in Eastern Europe – and there
    are two options on how to go by bicycle there are three main cycling routes around the lakes in Trakai 
    more  information here: velovilnius.lt/trakai
Here’s an online version of the map / google map  (choose the layers of the map to see the information separately) :
  • More easy leisure cycling routes for everyone (eg. with family, for sightseeing, how to get to the lakes etc.)

Seperate route descriptions for Vilnius Leisure Cycling Routes

[1] To the “Green Lakes” and Europe sculpture park

 Maps .To the Green Lakes of Verkiai . .and the “ Centre of Europe ” sculpture park . .General presentation: ...
Read More

Vilnius city round trip: [2] Vingis Park [9] to the TV tower

Name: The small city ring (Old town – Vingis park) Description: it is a good simple possibility to see a ...
Read More

[3] Antaviliai Lakes [4] Kairėnai Botanical Gardens

[3] Route No. 3 http://www.gpsies.com/map.do?fileId=paozkoemuqpvjszu Lakes in the North East Route description:  https://velovilnius.lt/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/dviraciu_turizmas_EN_route3-antaviliai.pdf [4] To Kairėnai Botanical Gardens and the ...
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[8] To Paneriai memorial (MTB)

By bicycle to Paneriai memorial Name : By bicycle to Paneriai memorial Description: Paneriai is a sad place where several ...
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[5] Belmontas

Belmontas Water mill and Puvočiai steep wall 13 km takes 1 ½ hours (without longer stops) http://www.gpsies.com/mapOnly.do?fileId=wdiqpgxhywfsxerd SIGHTS (#5): The ...
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Overview map – Überblickskarte – Apžvalginis žemėlapis

A choice of Routes for Independent Cycling in and around Vilnius


Interactive map of Vinius bicycle routes: http://www.gpsies.com/mapFolderOnly.do?id=1908   Number are of cause only for orientation

Tour / Route name
How does it fit for indepentcycling?
And bike rental costs?
Short trips
2 hrs.
Very well
6 €
Very well
6 €
Standart trips
3-4 hrs.
Very well
7 €
For the more experienced / MTB
7 €
For the more experienced
7 €
Whole day trips
6 hrs.
Very well
10 €
For the more experienced
10 €



interaktyvus maršrutų žemėlapis / Interactive route map / Karte mit schönen Fahrradrouten in, um und aus Vilnius: 


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