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A bike for €60? Our long-term rental offer in 2018!

For foreigners (and anybody else 🙂 living temporary in Vilnius we have the special offer, which we call “LONG-TERM RENTAL”.

And it works like this:

  • You can buy a used bicycle from us;
  • We guarantee that within 12 month we buy it back for up to half the price (according to the bike’s condition, less if there  ),  so the price will  50%

That’s the best deal for everybody.
You may find somebody who will give you more afterwards, you are responsible for damages and theft by yourself.

We sell safe U-locks for 10€

Bicycles available for the “long-term rental” at the moment

All of them have gears (3, 5, or 21)

more bicycles for sale here:

Used bicycles (and other items) for sale

Used bicycles (and other items) for sale

Bicycles and other items for sale at the moment (for more details read below) But you’re welcome to use our longterm rental offer (see below) For the support of the cycling culture we are selling a) used but good quality bicycles; we sell them with bike pass and guarantee. All bicycles are legal and technically in a good shape (repaired before sale) b) maps and descriptions for cycling. You may purchase them in the branches of velo-city or use our web shop for sending http://shop.balticcycle.eu (in English and German)…

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