[5] Belmontas

Belmontas Water mill and Puvočiai steep wall
13 km takes 1 ½ hours (without longer stops)


SIGHTS (#5):

  1. The “Republik of Užupis” and it’s constitution
  2. Belmontas – former watermill and restaurants www.belmontas.lt
  3. Pučkoriai Cognitive path (very nice)
  4. Pučkoriai Cliff and view point
  5. Pučkoriai Manor
  6. Pučkoriai Mount and viewpoint
  7. Markučiai Manor – Puškin museumfor Russian literature
  8. Subačiaus viewpoint

Description / Aprašymas:

y bicycle to Belmontas and back (Regional Park of Pavilnis, Southern Part)

Total distance: 12,6 km

Part 1 Cathedral-Belmontas: 6 km

Start at the Cathedral (or at the Velo-city.lt office 😉

Cross Sereikiskiu Park towards the direction of Uzupis and follow the river Vilnele upstream to the Second bridge.

There go on the street (not crossing the river) and turn left into Aukstaiciu street, 1st left, as well along the river. follow the river. At the crossroad with the Kranto str. turn left on the bad quality road along the river.

Pass the bridge under Olandu str., come back to Paplaujos str. At Paplaujos/Pakrascio street turn left, and follow the road straight to it’s end. Turn left at the wooden house. Find the small path via the big stone … to the small bridge over river Vilnele Cross the bridge

turn right onto Belmonto street

Be careful of the traffic on Belmonto str.!!!

Go to the end to the “Entertainment park of Belmontas Watermill”

Cross the river Vilnele

Possible small extra ring: Cycle the path left to the steep wall of Puckoriai.

Part 2: Belmontas-Pavilnis-Markuciai-Centre: 6,6 km

So, looking from the watermill there is a path after the bridge to the right uphill (if you did the ring, it’s naturally left before the bridge…) Maybe you’ll push your bicycle (it’s not very far). Climb this forest path to the railways.

Turn right before the railways and follow the Tuputiskiu road.

Go straight, do not cross the railways (only if you need the shop of the other side for some refreshments…), turn right into the Pavilnys street, pass the Pushkin museum of literature on the left, go Markuciu str., cr, Subaciaus and drop downhill on Maironio which will take you back to the cathedral.

Possible extra routes (uphill):

to the “Young Nature Camp” 4,7 km

a) cross the railways at Pavilnis train station
climb the only serpentine road in Lithuania
Turn left go to the “Young Nature Camp” with a small zoo
Difference in altitude over 100m!
Distance 4,7 km
Be aware due to the traffic on the road to the “Young nature camp”
at Belmontas: uphill on the viewpoint of Puvociai steep wall (the is a cafe 😉 – 3km