Bike (repair) shops in Vilnius (full list and map)

Bicycle repair in Vilnius

Velo-City Vilnius is not a bike repair shop!

Our main services are bike rental and tours by bicycles.

The Velo-City Vilnius staff is ready to assist you in minor repair/maintenance issues (pumping tires, fixing punctures etc.)

We also used to do a self-repair workshop, but at the moment have little space for it. However, we try as much as possible to assist you in repairing your own bicycle.

List and google map of bicycle shops and repair workshops in Vilnius

(last update: May, 2023)


In my work on the renewed Vilnius bike route map I also made an up-to-date list of all the bike shops and repairs in Vilnius.

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Here’s a google map of the bike shops in Vilnius:

(Information on bike pathes, MTB routes and other bike tracks in Vilnius you may find on


Here’s a list of specialized bike repair shops in Vilnius (those which don’t sell bicycles):


čia dviračių taisyklų Vilniuje sąrašas (be dviračių pardavimo):



čia dviračių parduotuvės Vilniuje sąrašas:

dviračių parduotuvės (su remontu) / Bike shops and repair




bike shops in Vilnius
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