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Naujienos ir renginiai su dviračiais / News on cycling and events

Welcome 2019 – let’s meet soon!

It ‘s gently snowing in Vilnius with temperatures ranging from  0 to  -10 degrees Celsius. That’s what we call winter, here. and few people seriously think about cycling (it’s more like dreaming about it). On the street I mainly see bicycle messengers …

As sometimes people ask – we are open on demand / on request.

With full force we will be back in a April – with bicycle rental and from April 15th with bike tours as well. You can keep an eye on our calendar, as there are already pre-booked tours you may join before that date.

And as it concerns March – we’ll have a look how the weather will be like …

sYou can always reach us by phone Tel. + 370 674 12123 or E-Mail [email protected] (replies via social media might be slightly slower)

The Velo-City Vilnius Family

Frankas, Veronika and  Jonukas “Little John” Kulikauskas

On the pictures: Little John is delivering Christmas parcel

Welcome 2019 - let's meet soon!

It’s not over … The next city tours by bicycle will be on Saturday and Wednesday!

We already had the first snow (on Oct. 29th), now it’s between 0 and 10 degrees in Vilnius, and sometimes we even see the sun!

And even if we have no regular working hours and there’s no bike tour every day, we’re ready to rent or sell you a bike and there ARE still bike tours.

The next small groups announced themselves for Saturday, the 10th of November and Wednesday, the 14th of November.

And you are welcome, too!

Veronika and Frankas from Velo-City Vilnius

It's not over ... The next city tours by bicycle will be on Saturday and Wednesday!

As our season for the regular bike tour ends on Sept. 15th, here’s a list of booked tours you can join:

Golden autumn? Here’s your last chance to get a bike for 100€(50€)!

This beauty just came back:

Golden autumn? Here's your last chance to get a bike for 100€(50€)!
120€/60€ in the long-term rental

A simple city bike – 3 gears – for 100€.

And the best thing: In our long term-rental scheme you may get half the price back, so in fact it will cost you only 50€

More bicycles available for 180€ (90€ in the long-term-rental)


(get a used bike mainly from the rental – More information here: )

bikes for sale at the moment

P.S.: All bicycles will cost at least 20€ more in Spring 2019. Take your chance NOW.


if you are interested in buying a bike pls. call +37067412123 or send us a message on [email protected]  and agree on a time as we don’t have regular working hours in winter (from October to April)