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Naujienos ir renginiai su dviračiais / News on cycling and events

Yes, we are open!

We’re open on July, 6th, too.

It’s a national holiday in Lithuania (crowning of kind Mindaugas – day of Statehood)

We invite to rent a bicycle from 10 am to 8 on (as every day until the middle of September)

Our bike tour starts at 11 am.

So – see you, maybe?

Today is “Culture night” – rent a bike for 8€ for the whole night!

Today, June, 18th, there is the “Culture night” ( The whole night the city will be covered with more than 40 events. This event is happening since 2009 and one week before Midsummer.

And that’s a perfect occasion to remind you about our night fare:

for only 8€, that means the fee for 4 hours you can ride friom 6 p.m. (18.00)  to 11 a.m. in the morning. Of course also on every other day. So: Deal?

All information about bike rental here: