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Naujienos ir renginiai su dviračiais / News on cycling and events

Golden autumn? Here’s your last chance to get a bike for 100€(50€)!

This beauty just came back:

Golden autumn? Here's your last chance to get a bike for 100€(50€)!
120€/60€ in the long-term rental

A simple city bike – 3 gears – for 100€.

And the best thing: In our long term-rental scheme you may get half the price back, so in fact it will cost you only 50€

More bicycles available for 180€ (90€ in the long-term-rental)


(get a used bike mainly from the rental – More information here: )

bikes for sale at the moment

P.S.: All bicycles will cost at least 20€ more in Spring 2019. Take your chance NOW.


if you are interested in buying a bike pls. call +37067412123 or send us a message on  and agree on a time as we don’t have regular working hours in winter (from October to April)


Your get-aways (by bike) while the Pope is visiting!

Pope Francis is visiting Vilnius on this Saturday, September 22nd.

Already we see how the centre of the city gets more and more “barricades”.

So, if you don’t come to the pope, the best way is to LEAVE the city.

We offer you the nicest routes in Vilnius by bicycle,

e.g. ride up to the “Green Lakes” in the North

At the lake Balsys

have a look on

Trakai castle

if you want to go even further take a ride to the Medieval water castle in Trakai

And if you still need a bicycle you can get it in our office

for rent:


for sale:

(source of the picture: