Used bicycles for sale

In 2021 we closed our location. There are only a few bicycles left from our collection. 

Where else to find a Used Second Hand Bicycle in Vilnius?

There is no real place in Vilnius, where used bicycles are sold 🙁 The only thing we can recommend is to look on the Lithuanian internet portal “” under =>transportas => dviračiai (bicycles) the other thing that became popular recently is facebook marketplace Sometimes foreigners who are only here for a short period of time 🙂 offer their bikes on the Facebook group “Foreigners in Vilnius” (has now over 10.000 members)

Bikes for Sale (June, 2022)

Bikes4sale (with more details and description) on facebook marketplace:

  Link to photo galery:  

Used bicycles / second hand bicycles in Vilnius. Bicycles and other items for sale at the moment

If you need a bicycle only for a couple of months, we have a special offer:

  • “long-term rental”: get 50% payback of the price within one year;

(for more details read below) But you’re welcome to use our long-term rental offer (see below) All our bicycles are well maintained and regularly checked, so in a technically good condition, but with marks of use from the rental. 

For the support of the cycling culture we are selling: a) used but good quality bicycles; we sell them with bike pass and guarantee. All bicycles are legal and technically in a good shape (repaired before sale)

“LONG-TERM RENTAL” – get 50% back

For those living temporary in Vilnius we have the special offer. How does it work:

  • You buy a used bicycle from us;
  • We guarantee that within 12 month we buy it back for up to half the price (according to the bike’s condition, less if there  ),  so the price will  50% 

Bicycles available at the moment (see above)

with the chance of getting 50% back later 

  • RED TANDEM: Touring tandem Viking Monarch with 24 gears, 450€
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