[LT2] Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipeda: The “Nieman Cycle Trail”

[LT2] Vilnius-Klaipeda

On this route you will see:

it connects the “Eastern Culture”, the Lithuanian Capital, which is close to the border to Belarus with the Baltic Sea coast. Therefor it offers you to see the two different sides of Baltic states.

Main sights

  • Vilnius
  • Trakai
  • Elektrenai
  • Rumsiskes
  • Aukstadvario RP
  • Birstonas SPA
  • Kaunas
  • Nieman RP
  • Rambynas RP
  • Silute
  • Nemuno Delta RP
  • Curonian Spit

Nieman cycle trail (Overview) / Memelradweg (Überblickskarte)

a) Vilnius-Kaunas

  • Part 1: Vilnius-Trakai: velovilnius.lt/en/trakai35 km
  • Part 2: Trakai-Semeliškės – 20 km
  • Part 3, Version A) Semeliškės-Elektrėnai-Kaišiadorys-Rumšiškės-Pažaislis – 83 km
  • Part 3, Version B) Semeliškės-Aukštadvaris-Punia-Birštonas-Pažaislis – 120 km

b) Kaunas-Šilutė

  • Part 4: Cycling through Kaunas (Pažaislis- Old town hall square) – 7 km
  • Part 5, Main route  Kaunas-Zapiškis-Vilkija (Southern bank of Nieman river) – 32 km
  • Part 5b, Alternative route: Kaunas-Raudondvaris-Jurbarkas
  • Part 6 – Vilkija-Jurbarkas – 60 km
  • Part 7 – Jurbarkas-Rambynas-Šilūtė – 95 km
  • Part 8,  Alternative Route: Jurbarkas-Tauragė-Žemaičių Naumiestis-Šilūtė – 105 km

c) Seacoast Cycle Trail Lithuania / Küstenradweg Litauen

  • Šilūtė-Ventės Ragas (Ferry to Nida)
  • Šilūtė-Klaipėda



Finally I put the texts and maps of the Nieman cycle guide together, put them into a pdf and made them available for download here :


Still the booklet is COMPLETELY in GERMAN

(Below separately all parts of the book)

[LT2] Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipeda
The Nieman Cycle Trail / der “Memelradweg”

First of all I have to say, that this route is one of my favourites. Why? Because it connects the “Eastern Culture”, the Lithuanian Capital, which is close to the border to Belarus with the Baltic Sea coast. Therefor it offers you to see the two different sides of Baltic states.  The Route from the Lithuanian Capital to the Sea coast consists of three parts:

a) the “Nieman cycle trail”

from Kaunas to Šilute (Heydekrug in German).Within a project in 2004 the communities along the river made the plan for the construction of a bicycle path/route, so it starts to exist bit-by-bit.

As well there is a description of the route available in Germanand Lithuanian language. #sorry, no English!

LT2: Memel/Nemunasradweg Kaunas-



b) The route(s) between Vilnius and Kaunas,

the capital and the second largest city of Lithuania. Despite of some parts between Vilnius and Trakai there is no special cycling infrastructure, but paved country side roads crossing small villages and towns which still reminds their past as jewish Shtetel before the war.

There are two main versions for cycling due to the fact that you somewhere have to cross the river Nieman:

the Northern route takes at least two days and is more flat, but has one main advantage: You might visit the Lithuanian ethnograpic museum at Rumšik?s.

The Southern route is provided with more hilly nature but takes at least one day more.

LT2 Between Vilnius and Kaunas. DIGITAL…

The “”missing link”” from Vilnius to Kaunas


c) The Sea Side Cycle Route Lithuania

of which one part is the connection between the Nieman delta and the city of Klaipeda.

New information about the Sea Side Route Lithuania:


Old General presentation of the Sea Side Cycle Route Lithuania (in English): http://www.bicycle.lt/seasideroute/

Seacoast cycle trail (English)

free for download

Links Links

link to maps and guides on this region in the Balticcycle online shop

LT2, Part 1. Vilnius-Trakai (link)

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LT2. Part 2 Trakai-Semeliškės

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LT2, Part 3a. Semeliškės-Kaišiadorys-Rumšiškės-Kaunas

LT2, Part 3a. Semeliškės-Kaišiadorys-Rumšiškės-Kaunas The Northern route is shorter and therefor the more popular (because faster). It has the advantage ...

LT2, Part 4. Route durch Kaunas (Pažaislis-Rotušė)

Sure, we’ll add some more information here, later © OpenStreetMap contributors Download file: LT2_4_Pazaislis_Rotuse.gpx ...

LT2, Part 5a Kaunas-Pavilkys / Vilkija (South bank of Nieman river)

Maps from the  “Nieman cycle trail” (2004) Map (2020) © OpenStreetMap contributors Download file: LT2_6a_Kaunas_Pavilkys.gpx Route: Kaunas center –6,5– Marvelė ...

LT2. Part 3b Semeliskes-Punia-Birstonas-Kaunas

LT2. Part 3b Semeliskes-Punia-Birstonas-Kaunas ROUTE Route: Semeliškės –13km – Čižiūnai – 4– Aukštadvaris –4– Totoriškės –4– Vaickūniškės –20– Butrimonys –10,5– ...

LT2, Part 6a (main route) Vilkija-Jurbarkas

© OpenStreetMap contributors Download file: LT2_7_Vilkija-Jurbarkas_with_new_bike_path.gpx Maps from the “Nieman cycle guide” book (2004) Zapyškis – Šilinė Route Vilkija –12,5– ...

LT2, Part 7. Jurbarkas-Šilūtė

Maps from the “Nieman Cycle Guide” (2004) Route: Jurbarkas –13– Smalininkai –13– Viešvilė –20– Vilkyškiai –6,5– Lumpėnai –4– Bitėnai –1,5– ...

LT5 / LT2 “Nieman delta”

Here are some texts that concern the route between Šilūte and Klaipėda and/or Nida (the Curonian Spit) Ventė horn – ...

Route Description Vilnius-Klaipeda from 2001 (not updated yet!)

[A-3] Vilnius – Trakai – Aukštadvaris – Birštonas – Prienai – Kaunas – Jurbarkas – Šilutė – Klaipėda The proposed ...

Service-Informationen (Übernachtung, Verpflegung etc.) Memelradweg

Sorry, this entry is only available in German ...

[LT2] Nieman cycle trail: Vilnius-Kaunas-Jurbarkas-Šilūtė

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[LT2] The booklet Vilnius – Kaunas

Get here to the booklet (from 2006) describing the routes. Available for download in our web shop 1b) BaltiCCycle Vilnius-Kaunas ...

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