What are the “BaltiCCycle.eu Routes”?

 The BaltiCCycle.eu Routes

(Latvia: LV1 (Klaipeda-Riga), LV3  (Riga-Vilnius); Lithuania: LT1 (Warsaw-Vilnius), LT2 (Vilnius-Klaipeda), LT3 (Riga-Vilnius), LT4 (Suvalkija Cycling Circuit), LT5 (Seaside Cycle Route)

  • The BaltiCCycle.eu routes were made up in the years 2000-2006.
  • The aim is to connect the three capitals Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn plus the Sea port of Klaipeda in Lithuania and a create a connection to Poland (Warsaw).
    They do not stop at the border (opposite to National networks)
  • They were made by cyclist associations in the three Baltic States (and Kaliningrad)
    There purpose was: cycling now!
  • In more then 10 years many local and regional initiatives were established, but the routes themselves do not differ much from the original proposals.
  • This overview on cycling in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia is maintained and sometimes updated by Frank Kulikauskas-Wurft in Vilnius, Lithuania (frankas@balticcycle.eu)

Publications of BaltiCCycle.eu

  •  Cycling map Lithuania (2001)
  • Cycling map Latvia (2001)
  • Latvia by bicycle (2001)
  • Riga-Vilnius by bicycle (2003)
  • Warsaw-Vilnius by bicycle (2003)
  • Nemunas-/Memelradweg  (German and Lithuanian only)(2004)
  • Vilnius-Kaunas by bicycle (2004)
  • Suvalkija cycling circuit (2004)
  • Cycling map Lithuania (2010)
  • Latvia by bicycle (2006)
  • Cycling map West Lithuania
  • The Baltic States by bicycle

Publications may be purchased or downloaded (for free) via  shop.balticcycle.eu 

Main routes on a Google map


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