Cycle Map Latvia and more (link to webshop)

Cycle Map Latvia (link to webshop) Cycling routes Latvia. Active tourism map (Velomaršruti Latvija. Aktīvā tūrisma karte) Edition 2018 Scale 1:500’000 Scale of the route maps 1:20’000 – 1:100’000 Size 97 x 65 cm/ 12,1 x 21,7 folded Map printed on syntetic material  Tyvek®, secure against water, sun and tearing Karte aicina iepazīt Latviju ar dabai draudzīgāko […]

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All Estonian cycle routes (2014)

All Estonian cycle routes (2014) Read More »

Route Description Tallinn-Riga ​(from the BaltiCCycle 2001 route description)

Route Description Tallinn-Riga ​(from the BaltiCCycle 2001 route description) Read More »

LT5. Northern part. Between Klaipeda and the Latvian border

Palanga The most interesting cultural heritage – the park, projected by Rene Andre. This park is very good example of productive relation between nature and culture. There is the Amber museum in the manor, equipped by the count Tiškevičius, which has almost the biggest Amber exposition in all the Europe. Karklė Karklė village is the

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[LT3/LV3] changes in the route …

Since the idea of the route Riga-Vilnius and the booklet “Riga-Vilnius by bicycle” (which was made somewhere around 2004) the following things changed: Latvia: signed routes new bikes pathes  new bicycle routes  National Cycle Route No. 6 in Latvia at the river Daugava EuroVelo 11 proposal in Latvia Creation of Rasna National Park different routes

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LT2, Part 1. Vilnius-Trakai (link)

LT2, Part 1. Vilnius-Trakai (link) Read More »

LT2. Part 2 Trakai-Semeliškės

This is the connection from Trakai to Semeliškės (20 km) on a usually quite secondary asphalt road. Afterward you can decide to take either the nicer, but longer Southern route (3b) or the faster Northern route (3a).   Trakai (See Totoriškiai / Totoriškių ežeras)– 5 – Jovariškės – 7 – Padvarionys – 4 – Daugirdiškės – 8 – Semeliškės Semeliškės The old

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LT2, Part 3a. Semeliškės-Kaišiadorys-Rumšiškės-Kaunas

LT2, Part 3a. Semeliškės-Kaišiadorys-Rumšiškės-Kaunas The Northern route is shorter and therefor the more popular (because faster). It has the advantage that you can get on a train in Žąsliai, Kaišiadorys or Pravieniškės and get to Kaunas more quickly Map: download this route as .gpx file (maybe you have to click the right mouse bottom choosing

LT2, Part 3a. Semeliškės-Kaišiadorys-Rumšiškės-Kaunas Read More »

LT2, Part 4. Route durch Kaunas (Pažaislis-Rotušė)

LT2, Part 4. Route durch Kaunas (Pažaislis-Rotušė) Read More »

LT2, Part 5a Kaunas-Pavilkys / Vilkija (South bank of Nieman river)

Maps from the  “Nieman cycle trail” (2004)   Map (2020) Route: Kaunas center –6,5– Marvelė –9,5– Kačerginė –4– Zapyškis – 13,5 – Mikytai –1,5– ferry through Nemunas – Vilkija Kačerginė It started to become famous as a resting place in the beginning of the 20 cent. In the summer of 1906, Jonas Biliūnas (1879-1907) was

LT2, Part 5a Kaunas-Pavilkys / Vilkija (South bank of Nieman river) Read More »

LT2. Part 3b Semeliskes-Punia-Birstonas-Kaunas

LT2. Part 3b Semeliskes-Punia-Birstonas-Kaunas ROUTE Route: Semeliškės –13km – Čižiūnai – 4– Aukštadvaris –4– Totoriškės –4– Vaickūniškės –20– Butrimonys –10,5– Punia –5– Šilėnai –3,5– Nemajūnai –9– Birštonas –6,5– Prienai –4,5– Bagrėnas –4– Ašminta –8– Pakuonis –8– Piliuona –23– Vaišvydava –7,5– Pažaislis – Kaunas(Pažaislis)- –11– Kaunas center Birštonas- cross the river – 10 – Prienai- 16

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LT5 / LT2 “Nieman delta”

Here are some texts that concern the route between Šilūte and Klaipėda and/or Nida (the Curonian Spit) Ventė horn – Klaipėda The length – 45,5 km (gravel – 19,5 km, asphalt – 26 km): Ventė horn –10– Kintai –7– Svencelė –4– Dreverna –3– Vilhelm channel –10– Kairiai ground –11,5– Klaipėda center. Plaškiai The village is

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Bicycle transport Riga-Tallinn by train? (2019)

Technically it’s possible, to go Riga-Tallinn by train. One train arrives from Riga 13:47, a 20 min waiting, and hop on the train to Tallinn at 14:11.But looks like the Estonian train schedule changes a lot, so checking elron website before trip is necessary. Riga to Valga, 2 trains per day.https://www.pv.lv/lv/marsrutu-saraksts/?from=R%C4%ABga&stop_from=1&to=Valga&stop_to=&date=13.04.2019&date-h=13.04.2019&transfer=&stop_transfer= Valga to Tallinn, the

Bicycle transport Riga-Tallinn by train? (2019) Read More »

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