LT2, Part 5a Kaunas-Pavilkys / Vilkija (South bank of Nieman river)

Maps from the  “Nieman cycle trail” (2004)


Map (2020)

Download file: LT2_6a_Kaunas_Pavilkys.gpx


Kaunas center –6,5– Marvelė –9,5– Kačerginė –4– Zapyškis – 13,5 – Mikytai –1,5– ferry through Nemunas – Vilkija


It started to become famous as a resting place in the beginning of the 20 cent. In the summer of 1906, Jonas Biliūnas (1879-1907) was spending time here. He wrote his famous story “Brisiaus galas” here. From 1961 till 1967 (Mokyklos str.,34), there lived and died Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas (1893-1967), the writer and academician. Now in the house of the writer, there is a memorial exposition.


The old sight of Zapyškis is the church of red bricks that is right on the shore of Nemunas river. Historical sources state that the church was built in the 16 cent.. before the year 1578. Poilas, the son of Jonas Sapiega, inherited the settlement of Zapyškis and built the church, which was rebuilt several times later. At the moment, the church of Zapiškis is one of the brightest monuments of the late gothic in Lithuania.



  • A.Peimienės homestead, Jadagonių village, Zapyškis,
  • V.Sedleckienės homestead, Papiškių village, Zapyškis.,


In the historical sources, Vilkija is mentioned from 1430 09 22. In 1450, the documents of Gdansk’s traders mention Vilkija’s customhouse, the first in Lithuania, by the way. The customhouse stimulated Vilkija’s growth. At this time, not only water, but also a land trading road form Vilnius to Karaliaučius went through Vilkija. In the 16 cent., Vilkija’s district was formed; it became the estate of a grand duke. Later, Vilkija acquired the rights of a town. Even form afar, on a high Nemunas’ shore, you could see two redbrick towers of the neogothic church of St. Jurgis.
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