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[LT2] Nieman cycle trail: Vilnius-Kaunas-Jurbarkas-Šilūtė

Pictures of this region [LT2] Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipeda: The Nieman Cycle Trail / der “Memelradweg” {{picLT2}} First of all I have to say, that this route is one of my favourites. Why? Because it connects the “Eastern Culture”, the Lithuanian Capital, which is close to the border to Belarus with the Baltic Sea coast. Therefor it offers you …

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EE3: National Route No. 3 (EuroVelo 11)

[EE3] – National Route No. 3 / Nationale Estnische Fahrradroute Nr. 3   . Valga border checkpoint (0.0 km) – downtown Valga (2.4) – Lüllemäe (24) – Vana-Antsla (41) – Urvaste (47) – Sihva (69) – Otepää (77) – Palupera (89) – Elva (102) – Nõo (112) – Tartu (129) – Kõrveküla (135) …

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What do you find here?

Here you find useful publications – maps and descriptions for cycling and nature tourism in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia NB! We are based in the Baltic States and distribute mainly the local made publications! Be aware of: * the local people know best the real situation * the local tradition may be a bit different …

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EuroVelo 10 – Ostseeküstenradweg

EuroVelo 10 EuroVelo 10 runs around Baltic Sea. Some of its parts are mapped on OpenStreetMap project [2]. On the state of the route there is an OpenStreetMap wiki page [3] Map of the EuroVelo 10 Route for the Baltic States in Lithuania it is identical with the Sea coast cycle trail (LT5); in Estonia it is signed as the National Route No. 1; for Latvia you …

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International Routes, Long distance

  Long-distance cycle routes in the Baltic States on all Routes  there are English or German language descriptions available. They are made here in den Baltic states by local cyclists – who knows the situation better? and often used in mass rides. You may purchase them seperately or in an information package via the shop. ong distance …

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