Routes for Cycling in the Baltic States

Latvia by bicycle / Lettland per Rad [link]

LT2, Part 5a Kaunas-Pavilkys / Vilkija (South bank of Nieman river)

Maps from the  “Nieman cycle trail” (2004)   Map (2020) Route: Kaunas center –6,5– Marvelė –9,5– Kačerginė –4– Zapyškis – 13,5 – Mikytai –1,5– ferry through Nemunas – Vilkija Kačerginė It started to become famous as a resting place in the beginning of the 20 cent. In the summer of 1906, Jonas Biliūnas (1879-1907) was …

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LT2, Part 6a (main route) Vilkija-Jurbarkas

Maps from the “Nieman cycle guide” book (2004)   Zapyškis – Šilinė Route Vilkija –12,5– Seredžius –10– Veliuona –11– Raudonė –11,5- Šilinė  –4–Skirsnemunė –9– Jurbarkas Vilkija In the historical sources, Vilkija is mentioned from 1430 09 22. In 1450, the documents of Gdansk’s traders mention Vilkija’s customhouse, the first in Lithuania, by the way. The …

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LT2, Teil 6b (Alternative Route): Pavilkys-Jurbarkas (Südufer) 4,5,6

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LT2, Part 7. Jurbarkas-Šilūtė

Maps from the “Nieman Cycle Guide” (2004)   Route: Jurbarkas –13– Smalininkai –13– Viešvilė –20– Vilkyškiai –6,5– Lumpėnai –4– Bitėnai –1,5– Rambynas hill. –6,5– Mikytai –4– Pagėgiai –9– Rukai –6,5– Usėnai – 12 – Leitgiriai –4– Kantariškės –15– Pagryniai –3– Šilutė New Map: Jurbarkas Jurbarkas is situated on the right Nemunas’ shore, the junction of …

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What are the “BaltiCCycle.eu-Routes”?

The BaltiCCycle.eu Routes (Latvia: LV1 (Klaipeda-Riga), LV3  (Riga-Vilnius); Lithuania: LT1 (Warsaw-Vilnius), LT2 (Vilnius-Klaipeda), LT3 (Riga-Vilnius), LT4 (Suvalkija Cycling Circuit), LT5 (Seaside Cycle Route) The BaltiCCycle.eu routes were made up in the years 2000-2006. The aim is to connect the three capitals Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn plus the Sea port of Klaipeda in Lithuania and a create a connection to …

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New Cycle Maps for Latvia! In our web shop

New in our web shop (shop.balticcycle.eu) – the Latvian Cycle Route Map from 2018 more information, pictures and order it here: (The map is completely in Latvian but I think about making an extra sheet with explanations in English) http://www.balticcycle.eu/shop3/en/home/99-cycling-map-latvia.html   Cycling Map Latvia Condition: New product new bike map with long distance and local …

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Round trip Kaliningrad Region (description of the BaltiCCycle tour 2001, not edited)

[A-4] Klaipėda – Nida – Kaliningradas – Sovetsk– Klaipėda 1st day (21.07, Saturday) Klaipėda – Nida The length – 50 km (asphalt): Klaipėda –0,5– Old Ferry Port to Smiltynės (ticket for a cyclist – 2 Lt = 0.6 EUR) – Smiltynė –19– Juodkrantė –17– Pervalka –6– Preila –5– Nida (sleeping place in Nida). Klaipėda The …

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[LV2/EE] Riga-Tallinn by bicycle

< h1>Riga-Tallinn by bicycle [LV2/EE1] Riga-Paernu-Tallinn (via the Islands)On this route you will see: Main sights Riga Sigulda / Gauja NP Paernu Muhu Island Saaremaa Island Kuressaare, Panga, Kaali, … Hiumaaa Island Paldiski Tallinn Publications: [LV2/EE3&EE4] Riga-Tartu-TallinnOn this route you will see: Main sights Riga Sigulda / Gauja NP Cesis Valga/Valka Sangaste Suur Munamaegi? Otepae …

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[LT3/LV3] Riga-Vilnius by bicycle (page)

[LT3/LV3] Riga-Vilnius by bicycle (page) On this route you will see: You will past the lands of Forests and Lakes in the East of Lithuania and Latvia! Main sights Vilnius{en:Vilnius} [W:Moletai] Labanaro RP Aukstaitijos NP Visaginas Daugavpils Kraslava / Daugavas loki Aglona Dagdas NP Rezekne Madona Sigulda/ Gaujas NP Riga More Information: Maps: https://cycling.waymarkedtrails.org/#route?id=269985&map=8!56.3598!25.9026 Pictures …

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[LV3] Route description Riga-Vilnius, Latvian Part

RouteMap https://cycling.waymarkedtrails.org/#route?id=269985&map=8!56.3598!25.9026 you may  order the paper version of the booklet on shop.balticcycle.eu here: http://www.balticcycle.eu/shop3/special-guides-and-maps-for-cycling/8-riga-vilnius-by-bicycle-english.html This is the LATVIAN part of the Route of the route description from Riga to Vilnius via the East part of Latvia and Lithuania, the so called “Land of Lakes” from 2006. And here are all pictures and maps from the booklet: …

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[LV2] Vidzeme / Nordost-Lettland

[LV2] Vidzeme: The North East / Der Nord-Osten Cycling between Riga and the Estonian border / Radfahren zwischen Riga und der Estnischen Grenze REGION VIDZEME Map on www.openstreetmap.org http://www.openstreetmap.org/?relation=270230Main routes / www.balticcycle.eubetween Riga and the Estonian bordera) to the NorthATTENTION! do NOT use the main motorway along the coast (heavy traffic) but the road via Limbazi b) …

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[LV1] Riga-Klaipeda / Curonia by bicycle

[LV1] Riga-Klaipeda On this route you will see: This route gives you one of the best impressions of the diversity of the Baltic States. On the one hand there are different landscapes: Not only the Baltic sea shore but also lakes and rivers in the backyard. Not only the big cities of Riga and Liepaja …

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[LT1] Region Dzūkija, Route Warschau-Vilnius

Pictures of this region     [LT1] Dzukija: The South East / der Südosten {{picLT1}} First – leave Vilnius to the Famous water castle of Trakai. Then, turn South. You will cross the hilly land of the Regional park Auštadvaris (and you will see, why they sometimes name it “Switzerland”), then enter the deep forest of the …

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