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Meanwhile, there is pretty a lot of sources to get updated on cycling and cycle events in the Baltic States. BaltiCCycle tries to unify them and create a digest in English and German.   If you want to be updated constantly please subscribe to one the following social network sources   A digest of the news appears ca. once a month in the BaltiCCycle newsletter   And still there is always the possibility to ask & contact us directly

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Here I put short information, reports and news on Cycling in the Baltic States in English and German language

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7 thoughts on “Contacts & News”

  1. Hi guys,
    We are from Australia and have cycled down from Lappland to Vilnius. Because of Shengen visa restrictions we need to fly ourselves and our bicycles to Moldova. To do this we need bike boxes and to be able to transport them to the airport. Do you know where we can find boxes in Vilnius and if anyone can take them to the airport for us? Any information would be helpful. We are travelling independently and only speak English.
    Tim and Sharyn Nilsen

  2. Dear sirs.

    This year I’m going from Vilnius to Kaliningrad by bike, and then follow to Klaipedia and Riga. But I have a question. The LT2 Nieman Cycle Trail follows bike paths or simply goes along the north road of the river Nieman? It’s a busy road?

    Thanks in advance.


  3. I have some basic questions about cycling in the Baltic countries. This summer we would like to cycle probably starting in June. Dear BaltiCCycle,
    We are from the United States, teachers, and have been to Europe a couple times to cycle. We usually bring our bikes but I see you also rent them. We would probably bike for about 3 weeks. What would be the cost to rent bikes and not return them to the point of origin? We would probably not be camping so we would need maps and possible places to stay. Are there Airbnb’s in these countries? What is the weather like in June? I have other questions but this would be a good beginning.

  4. Hello!
    You can calculate the bike rental fee – without obligation – via our online form on
    Route decription and maps you map find on
    Sure, there are Airbnbs here, but more widespread on the country side are the “country side holidays” home.
    June has the longest day (midsummer is the end of June), but is still not as hot as July or August. In Summer, there are hardly full rainy days (more likely to have showers).
    Iki (C.U.)

  5. From Jurbarkas the route follow the North side of the river. Only at the bigger towns and close to the border crossing point at Sovietsk/Panemune there is more traffic. Some counties (Jurbarkas, Silute and Kaunas) meanwhile did build some bike pathes

  6. Last year (2015) I did again a long haul cycle trip from Switzerland to north Finland and back via Sweden, Denmark and Germany.
    It was my 1st time to visit – and cycle – not only through Poland but also through all of the Baltic countries.
    To be honest: I couldn’t imagine before how beautiful those countries are! And by far not spoilt and overcrowded like Switzerland. The people where very friendly (well, if it comes to this point it really belongs to your habit, because you’r the guest!). The traffic is relaxed – no wonder since the population is so thin.
    It is well-known that Danmark is something like a paradise for cyclists, but now I have to admit the Baltic countries and specially Estonia is a very hard competitor to Danmark.

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