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Cycling Routes in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

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a) The Routes

  • The routes were made up in the years 2000-2006.
  • They were made by cyclist associations in the three Baltic States (and Kaliningrad)
    There purpose was cycling now!
  • Their aim is to connect the three capitals Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn plus the Sea port of Klaipeda in Lithuania and a connection to Poland (Warsaw).
    They do not stop at the border
  • In more then 10 years many local and regional initiatives were established, but the routes themselves do not differ much from the original proposals.
  • This overview on cycling in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia is maintained and sometimes updated by Frank Kulikauskas-Wurft in Vilnius, Lithuania (

b) National routes

  • Estonia: The only Baltic country with a national cycling network is Estonia.
    The Estonian National Bicycle route network was established in 1999-2001
  • Latvia: Since 2013 different separate regional, partly national routes where made in Latvia – in 3 of 4 regions (mostly Vidzeme and Kurzeme, more local routes in Zemgale)
  • Lithuania: Major regional and national route developments happened in 2003-2006 with the establishment of the Nieman cycle trail, the Seacoast cycle trail and the Suvalkija Cycle circuit
  • Despite of the regional and national routes there numerous local cycle routes with very different conditions – sometimes paved cycles pathes, but mostly on forest trails – in nice nature, but often with difficult road conditions

c) International routes

Theoretically the following International Cycle routes cross the Baltic States:

  • EuroVelo No. 10 “Baltic sea circuit”
  • EuroVelo No. 11 “Athens-North cape”
  • EuroVelo No. 13 “Iron curtain trail”
  • Europa-Radweg R1 “Calais-St. Petersburg”

Overview of the different cycle regions and routes

A first Orientation:
The 1st Question:
East or West – or where to ride?

That mainly depends on whether you prefer

the coast & sea (= the west)
forests, lakes , rivers (that’s the east)
Just the middle is quite boring: flat, industry and agriculture

e distinguish in

  • long distance routes (crossing border)
    between Vilnius, Riga, Klaipeda, Tallinn and Warsaw,
    serving as place of arrival and departure or for orientation.
  • by countries: cycle regions & country info
  • International routes (EuroVelo 10, 11, 13, Europa-Radweg R1)

If you want to stay only within one country or a region, then you’ll find your information here.

Short overview for the cycling distances

(more details by countries

countries and regions

furthermost Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, but there are some subregions:

Overview Routes

cycle region

Overview of the different cycle regions and routes

(more details by countries)
Eesti – Estland – Estonia
Estland per Rad / Cycling in Estonia
[EE1] – National Route No. 1 / Nationale Estnische Fahrradroute Nr. 1
coastal route / die Küstenroute
[EE3] – National Route No. 3
[EE4] – National Route No. 4

Latvija – Lettland- Latvia
Lettland per Rad / Cycling in Latvia
[LV1] Kurzeme: The West / der Westen (Riga-Klaipeda / Kurische Nehrung)
[LV2] Vidzeme: The North East / Der Nord-Osten (Riga-Estland)
[LV3] Latgale: The South East / Der Süd-Osten (Riga-Daugavpils-Vilnius)
[LV4] Zemgale: South of Riga

Lietuva –  Litauen – Lithuania 
Litauen per Rad / Cycling in Lituania
[LT1] Dzukija: The South East / der Südosten
[LT2] Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipeda: The Nieman Cycle Trail / der “Memelradweg”
[LT3] Aukshtaitija: The North East / Der Nord-Osten
[LT4] Suvalkija: The South West / Der Süd-Westen
[LT5] Pajuris: The West (Seacoast region) / Der Westen (Küstenradweg Litauen & “Hinterland”)

Main routes on a Google map

1 – Information by countries

International routes, long-distance routes (EuroVelo 10, 11, 13, R1)

Long-distance cycle routes in the Baltic States on all Routes  there are English or German language descriptions available. They are made here ...
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{{offerPL}} Poland by bicycle Poland is "only" our neighbour, so here only some basic information and some projects occured in ...
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Estonia by bicycle

Estonia by bicycle

A general presentation "Estonia is a paradise for cyclists" claims Rein Lepik, the president of Vänta Aga cycling club in ...
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Latvia by bicycle

Latvia by bicycle

 Bicycling in Latvia / Fahrradfahren (Velofahren) in Lettland Latvija - Lettland- Latvia LV1 / Western Latvia,  Kurzeme region  (Couronia), Klaipeda-Riga LV2 / North Eastern Latvia, ...
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Lithuania by bicycle

Lithuania by bicycle

Bicyling in Lithuania / Fahrradfahren (Velofahren) in Litauen Lietuva -  Litauen - Lithuania Lithuania LT1 / Southern Lithuania, Dzukija region with  Dzukija National park  LT2 / Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipeda, ...
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2 – Special route information

[LT3] Route Description Riga-Vilnius, Lithuanian part

[LT3] Route Description Riga-Vilnius, Lithuanian part

RouteMap [iframe src="!56.3598!25.9026"]!56.3598!25.9026 you may  order the paper version of the booklet on here: This is the LITHUANIAN part ...
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New Bike Map Latvia!

New Bike Map Latvia!

On the tourism fair  "Adventur" in Vilnius I've found e  new cycling map for Latvia. It is just a very ...
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General Overview on long distance routes in the Baltic States (List)

Distances Cycle Routes in the Baltic States Fahrradrouten in den Baltischen Staaten Estonia * Estland * Eesti (EE) Route Description/Beschreibung ...
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"Euroroute R1" Europaradweg R1   Von Boulogne-sur-Mer bis St. Petersburg verbindet der Europa-Radweg Euroroute R1 auf über 3500 Kilometern die ...
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EuroVelo13 "Iron Curtain Trail"

EuroVelo13 “Iron Curtain Trail”

No. 13 The Iron Curtain Trail  experiencing the history of Europe's division For almost half a century, Europe was forcibly divided ...
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EuroVelo 11

EuroVelo 11

EuroVelo 11 is called 11 the East Europe Route and connect (theoretically) the North Cape with Athens. On the state ...
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EuroVelo 10 EuroVelo 10 runs around Baltic Sea. Some of its parts are mapped on OpenStreetMap project [2]. On the state of the route ...
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International Routes, Long distance

Long-distance cycle routes in the Baltic States on all Routes there are English or German language descriptions available. They are ...
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[LT1] Warszawa-Vilnius

[LT1] Warszawa-Vilnius

Route for GPS:!53.4415!23.8162 [shashin type="album" id="56" size="medium"] In the East - close to the border to Belarus - you ...
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[LV3] Route description Riga-Vilnius, Latvian Part

[LV3] Route description Riga-Vilnius, Latvian Part

RouteMap!56.3598!25.9026 you may  order the paper version of the booklet on here: This is the LATVIAN part of the ...
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Latvia by bicycle

[LT3 / LV 3] Riga-Vilnius

{{picLT3}} {{picLV3}} mehr: LT3/LV3 in the wiki info zu Nordostlitauen ("Aukštaitija")here info zu Südostlettland ("Latgale")here  Well, I know, the most ...
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