[LT4] Suvalkija

The full texts and the cycle guide are available in German only  (see on the German page)

Bicycle Route in Lithuania

An invitation …

You want to Lithuania, an unknown world of forests, meadows, lakes and legends?

We offer you our the best possibility to discover new member of the European family by bicycle.

Your travel route is a treasure of Lithuanian, Polish and German heritage, and to be honest a landmark of their clashes. You will dive deep into the Middle Ages and see mounds. On them the ancestors of the Lithuanians build their wooden fortresses and settlements. Still these artificial hills may open amazing views into the surrounding landscapes – and of cause into history. From the 11 till 13th century this was the battle place between the Baltic Jotvingiai tribes and the “German Order” – the knights of the cross who withdrawn from Jerusalem governed the later Eastern Prussia and pulled eastwards … You’ll look into the history of the Lithuanians and their relatives, the history of the past Soviet Union – and into a daily life of a country which recently joined European Union to ensure it’s peaceful and sustainable development, without the wars and occupations.

Much was destroyed in the 20th century: Many inhabitants lost their life or were deported, the big estates of the 19th century were broken up as well as the huge state owned farms of the Soviet Union. But much has been conserved as well behind the “Iron Curtain” of the Soviet Union and only slowly falls into pieces: the buildings of the manor houses are still there, and churches, cemeteries, the ancient wooden houses. Often it seems, as countryside-life didn’t change for centuries.

It’s a journey to the past, to nature and the mystics of this region.

The description in this booklet is a translation from Lithuanian, therefore you will get acquainted with another view on all this.

But now: Enjoy your trip!






 Maps and Route Descriptions for this Region Karten und Wegbeschreibungen für diese Region
Einleitung des Radroutenführers zum “Fahrradring Suvalkija”


LT4 Suvalkija Cycle circuit

Thus there is already a high quality route description existing, this is still an unknown border region in the triangle Russia-Poland-Lithuania?. Maybe because it was a “closed region” in Soviet times?

Maps and Route Descriptions for this Region


Pictures from this region
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