Lithuania by bicycle

Bicyling in Lithuania / Fahrradfahren (Velofahren) in Litauen

Lietuva –  Litauen – Lithuania

LithuaniaLT1 / Southern Lithuania,
Dzukija region with  Dzukija National park LT2 / Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipeda,
“Nieman cycle trail” Kaunas-Šilute plus connection to VilniusLT3 / North East of Lithuania,
Region Aukštaitija with the  Aukštatija National park

LT4 / South Western Lithuania, 

LT5 / Curonian Spit, “Memelland” and Baltic sea coast 

LitauenLT1 Südlitauen, 
Region Dzukija mit dem Dzukija Nationalpark LT2 Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipeda,
“Memelradweg” Kaunas-Šilute plus die Verbindung nach VilniusLT3 Nordostlitauen,
Region Aukštaitija mit dem Aukštatija Nationalpark 

LT4 Südwestlitauen, Region Suwalkija

LT5  Kurische Nehrung, Memelland und Ostseeküste,
Küstenradweg Litauen

A general presentation /
Eine allgemeine Vorstellung

In Lithuania you may find  two worlds

Or how do we stress it: We have anything but mountains. 

The two worlds is the hilly East with it’s lakes and forests on the one side and the seacoast with it’s beaches on the other side.

Therefore most of the interesting nature regions you find in the East, North and South of the Capital Vilnius:

  • the National Park Aukshtaija [LT3]
  • the National Park Dzukija [LT1]

Or at the Sea coast [LT5]:

  • the impressive sand dunes of the National Park “Curonian spit” and 
  • the National Park Zemaitija

One route – along the Nieman river – connects of Lithuania East with the West (the coast) [LT2]

The rest of the country is of minor interest (I shouldn’t say so, but many parts are quite flat, agricultural and lack sights and tourist infrastructure).

So for BaltiCCycle routes, the country was divided the two regions in the East – North of Vilnius (LT3) and South of Vilnius (LT1), the West of Lithuania (LT5) and the connection route (LT2). One project on cycle route development took as well place in the South West [LT4], but for international tourism this region is still of less interest. 


[LT3] Route Description Riga-Vilnius, Lithuanian part

RouteMap [iframe src="!56.3598!25.9026"]!56.3598!25.9026 you may  order the paper version of the booklet on here: This is the LITHUANIAN part ...
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Since several years were are collecting information on local bicycle routes in Lithuania on the web site - unfortunately ...
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[LT2] Finally online: the Guide to the Nieman Trail!

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[LT4] Suvalkija

Pictures from this region [shashin type="album" id="58" size="medium" crop="n" columns="max" caption="y" order="date" position="center"] LT4 Suvalkija Cycle circuitThus there is already ...
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[LT3] Aukštaitija

Pictures of this region [shashin type="photo" id="1949,1932,1916,1945,1930,1936,1935,1927" size="small" columns="max" order="user" position="center"] [LT3] Aukshtaitija Region: The North East / Der Nord-Osten ...
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[LT2] Nieman Cycle Trail

Pictures of this region [LT2] Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipeda: The Nieman Cycle Trail / der "Memelradweg" {{picLT2}} First of all I have to ...
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[LT1] Dzūkija

Pictures of this region [LT1] Dzukija: The South East / der Südosten {{picLT1}} First - leave Vilnius to the Famous ...
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[LT1] Warszawa-Vilnius

Route for GPS:!53.4415!23.8162 [shashin type="album" id="56" size="medium"] In the East - close to the border to Belarus - you ...
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[LT3 / LV 3] Riga-Vilnius

{{picLT3}} {{picLV3}} mehr: LT3/LV3 in the wiki info zu Nordostlitauen ("Aukštaitija")here info zu Südostlettland ("Latgale")here  Well, I know, the most ...
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