LT5. Northern part. Between Klaipeda and the Latvian border


The most interesting cultural heritage – the park, projected by Rene Andre. This park is very good example of productive relation between nature and culture. There is the Amber museum in the manor, equipped by the count Tiškevičius, which has almost the biggest Amber exposition in all the Europe.


Karklė village is the only village in Lithuanian seaside with few Kurshian (Kurshiai is an ancient tribe) cottages remaining. In the 19th century the village stretched by the entire coastline from Giruliai to Nemirseta. Local inhabitants – kurshiai, couldn’t live from fishing only, started raising cattle, gathering amber. There were three pubs-inns in the village, also a bakery. Evangelic Lutheran church was built in 1911. Later on after founding polygon of soviet army church was destroyed. It’s a reservation of ethno culture now with an aim to preserve typical architecture features of this region.
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