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[LV1] Klaipeda-Riga or: Curonia by bicycle

Pictures of this region [LV1] Kurzeme: The West / der Westen {{picLV1}} ​ Sure, this route gives you one of the best impressions of the diversity of the Baltic States on the one hand there are different landscapes: Not only the Baltic sea shore but also lakes and rivers in the backyard. Not only the big cities of Riga and Liepaja but also small towns like Kuldiga which give you an impression on how life looked in the Duchy of Couronia. for a good leisure…

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Slitere NP

  Tour routes in Sl?tere National Park Welcome to Sl?tere! There are 9 new routes for hiking, skiing, cycling, canoeing, and self-drive and nature sightseeing tours developed in Sl?tere National Park.  Just print out the route description with attached map and enjoy your trip! Every route description includes: short description of points of interest, information about available tourism services and accommodations, contact information for bike/boat rentals, tourism information boards etc. Nature sightseeing, animal and bird watching tours is suggested in a company with experienced guide.  http://www.celotajs.lv/cont/tour/tours/Sliteres_NP_marsruti_en.html#Velobraucejiem   Welcome…

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