[LV1] local bicycle routes in Kurzeme

local bicycle routes in Kurzeme

551 Around Ķemeri National Park
Ķemeri – Jaunķemeri –Lapmežciems– Bigauņciems – Klapkalnciems – Valgums –
Smārde – Dunduru Meadows – Kaļķis– Kūdra – Ķemeri
80 km (37 km asphalt, 43 km forest and countryside roads)
An affluent route for experienced cyclists. Introduces to the natural values and cultural
environment of Ķemeri National Park.

552 Cycling trails near Lake Valgums
Three cycling routes near Lake Valgums introduce to the natural values of Ķemeri
National Park, and offer a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

Forest Circle
16 km (4 km asphalt, 5 km gravel road, the rest – forest roads)
A quiet, peaceful ride along forest roads.

Circle of Šlokenbeka Manor
17 km (9.5 km asphalt, the rest – forest and countryside roads)
The route runs along the forest roads of Slocene Valley – the wild river and wet meadows on the other side of the river are valuable nature territories, home to protected animals and rare plant species.

Circle of Hill Lustūzis
22 km (14 km asphalt, 8 km forest roads)
Hilly – from 9 to 72 m above sea level – a route that also includes the highest peak of Ķemeri National Park. For more experienced cyclists.

553 Around Lake Engure
Engure – Eastern Shore of Lake Engure –Bērzciems – Mērsrags – Ķūļciems –
Ezermuiža – Engure
65 km (mostly gravel road, forest roads)
The route for lake enthusiasts will not be an easy one, the trails in the pine forests might be sandy, while the road on the western shore of the lake has a gravel surface than can be of low quality and dusty. However, the opportunity to enjoy both the lake and the sea compensates the hardships. Orchid trail, bird observation towers, wild cows and horses are the main keywords for this route.

554 Circle of Talsi Highland
20 km (7 km asphalt and city streets, 13 km small countryside roads)
The route crosses the picturesque area of Talsi Highland, stopping at the small lakes and tourism sights. Experienced cyclists can also take a tour in the town of Talsi.

555 Cycling Route of the Ancient Abava Valley
Kandava– Zviedru cepure –Sabile – Imulas –Kalnmuiža – Aizdzire – Valdeķi – Kandava
40 km (20 km asphalt, 20 km small countryside roads)
The route connects two small towns of the nature park of the ancient Abava valley –
Kandava and Sabile. One of the most picturesque routes in Kurzeme.

 556 Baron’s Cycling Route
Dundaga – Kubali – Valpene – Sabdagas – Dundaga
32 km (12 km asphalt, 14 km gravel road, 6 km forest roads)
The route takes you along the most important natural, cultural and historical objects, and is oriented at eco tourism.
557 Slītere Circle
Košrags – Vaide – Kolka – Melnsils – Ezermuiža – Dūmele – Košrags
50 km (15 km asphalt, 35 km small forest roads)
The route introduces to the coastal nature, as well as to the cultural and historical heritage of the Livs. It runs along forest roads and through the villages of Livs – Kolka, Vaide, Saunrags, Pitrags and Košrags. On the way back, the circle runs along the Bažu Swamp and the ancient road between Košrags and Dūmelis, and then leads back to Kolka along the highway.
 558 Through Liv villages Mazbānītis Nature Trail
Through Liv villages: Mazirbe – Košrags – Pitrags – Saunags – Vaide – Mazirbe
27 km (12 km asphalt, 15 km small forest and village roads)
A route for active cyclists, who are interested in the coastal nature and the cultural
heritage of the Livs.
Mazbānītis Nature Trail: Mazirbe – Sīkrags – Mazirbe
17 km (10 km forest roads, 7 km highway P124)
The route takes you from Mazirbe to Sīkrags along the former track of Stende-Ventspils narrow gauge railway Mazbānītis. Building of the railway was initiated in 1916, and it was in active use up until 1963.
559 Around Lake Usma
Usma – Amjūdze – Lejastiezumi – Āpciems – Usma
55 km (10 km asphalt, 13 km gravel road, 32 km forest and small countryside roads) The most beautiful lake in Kurzeme – Lake Usma will be an exciting one for lake enthusiasts. The route runs along forest roads and small countryside roads, and is great for enjoying the landscape of the lake
 560 Around Būšnieku Lake
Ventspils – Būšnieki – Staldzene – Ventspils
30 km (6 km small forest roads, 24 km city streets and asphalted highways)
An easy ride for people, who like water – the route lets you enjoy both Būšnieku Lake, and the sea near the steep coasts of Staldzene
561 Cycling Route of the Venta River
Ventspils – Piltene – Zlēkas – Ventava – Zūras – Leči – Vārve – Ventspils
95 km (10 km gravel road, 85 km asphalt and city streets)
The route runs along the Venta River and occasionally stops at the villages of the left bank of the river. The right bank is a little less inhabited, with two stops – Piltene and Zlēkas.
562 Suiti Cycling Route
Kuldīga – Īvande – Ēdole – Alsunga – Upītes – Kuldīga
Main circle 56 km (21 km gravel road, 35 km asphalt)
The route runs through the ethnographic Suiti region, and connects Kuldīga with
Alsunga. Experienced cyclists can create their own route along the P110 road and the old Suiti road with several picturesque connecting stretches.
 563 Cycling Route of the Venta valley
Kuldīga – Padure – the large and small Lake Naba – P108 – Ķimale – Kuldīga
42 km (17 km asphalt, 25 km small countryside and forest roads)
The largest part of the route runs past the Venta River along small forest roads and
564 Riežupe Cycling Route
Kuldīga – Riežupe caves – Osti – Mežvalde – Kuldīga
17 km (small forest roads) • 27 km (with an extension through Ķūkciems)
The route introduces to the beautiful pine forests of Riežupe Nature Park, the landscapes of the valleys of the Riežupe and Venta Rivers, and sand caves dug out during the time of Duchy of Courland.
 565 Past magnolias, hillforts and lakes
Kuldīga – Pelči – Mazsālijas – Snēpele – Turlava – Vilgāle – Kuldīga
55 km (18 km asphalt, 15 km gravel road, 22 km small countryside roads)
A very picturesque route with hills, winding roads and landscapes of small lakes.
566 Cultural and Historical Circle of Southern Kurzeme
Aizpute – Apriķi – Cīrava – Aizpute
40 km (11 km gravel road, 29 km asphalt)
By taking this route you can visit Aizpute, the romantic small town of Kurzeme, the
nearby manors, and other important cultural and historical places.
567 Jūrmalciems Cycling Trails
Liepāja – Bernāti –Jūrmalciems– Pape – Nida – Lithuanian border
~ 52 km
Occasionally marked with cycling signs on wooden posts and colour marking on trees.
The route connects the nature parks of Lake Bernāti and Pape, and can be continued in Lithuania. The route is suitable for experienced cyclists; stretches of the route running along the forest trails of the nature parks are not only sandy, but also have a pronounced relief, and while cycling along the coast you should pay attention to the wind direction.
Take this route, if you travel around Kurzeme along the coast and do not want to take the A11 highway with intensive traffic.
568 Around Lake Pape
Pape – Brušvītu ciems – Papes Priediengals – Pape
30 km (5 km gravel road, 25 km small countryside and forest roads)
The route is suitable for lake enthusiasts and the enduring ones, who are not afraid of mosquito and gadfly attacks, and will not be surprised by more difficult stretches in summer, especially in the northern part of the lake. The route runs along the pastures of wild horses. Be careful, when sharing the road with the curious and friendly wild horses.
569 Borderland of Auce and Saldus counties – manors and castles
Auce – Priedula – Vadakste – Ruba – Ezerkrogs – Jaunauce – Ķevele –Vecauce – Auce
60 km (10 km asphalt, 50 km gravel roads)
The route runs along low intensity gravelroads and through Auce andSaldus counties, introducing to theirmanors and castles. The route reveals the beautiful landscape of Latvian borderland, and just across the Vadakste River, you can see the open country of Lithuania.
Most of the manors surprise with their neatness and well-considered tourism offer.

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Cycling Route
Welcome to Reņķa garden of Ventspils!
Cycling Route
Cycling route starts in the Adventure Park.
Cycling Route
The route starts and ends in Ventspils City.
Cycling Route
You can enjoy the magic of the sea by Ventspils City
Cycling Route
Welcome to Ventspils!
Bicycle facilities in Ventspils
Ventspils now has ~45 km of bicycle paths.
Bicycle Routes in Liepāja district
In Liepāja region there are a lot of beautiful landscapes, interesting and unique nature objects and objects of the cultural history.
Cycling Routes in Liepāja
Currently only a few parts of bicycle paths are built in Liepāja city and Liepāja region and they are not yet interconnected.
Cycling Routes Tukums and Vicinity
Travel by Bicycle in Area of Tukums! When travelling with an environmentally friendly vehicle – the bicycle – the traveller is not only closer to the environment, but also helps preserving the nature’s valuables .
Bicycle route Liv villages
In the Slītere National Park, except for restricted areas, you may walk freely through it to look for plants, animals and landscapes, to pick mushrooms and berries, to go swimming etc.
In the Slītere National Park, except for restricted areas, you may walk freely through it to look for plants, animals and landscapes, to pick mushrooms and berries, to go swimming etc.
The Slītere Circle
In the Slītere National Park, except for restricted areas, you may walk freely through it to look for plants, animals and landscapes, to pick mushrooms and berries, to go swimming etc.
Dundaga cycling circle «Baron bōgans»
The route is diverse, packed with culture heritage and nature objects, opportunities of recreation and cognition. The dwelling places of the collector of Latvian folk songs Krišjānis Barons and his family.
Pāvilosta region bike route
The route begin offers a look at the most interesting places in Pāvilosta region.
Pāvilostas city bike route
Road surfacing – asflalts, gravel, sand. You can orient by the street names and velomarks.
Cycling Routes in Vicinity of Kandava
Kandava, which is among the most beautiful provincial towns of Kurzeme, captivates the traveller by its antique architecture, cobbled streets and lanterns, and by the most marvellous landscapes.
Cycling Routes in Tukums Town
Routes for those who wish to explore the town and vicinity of Tukums on a bicycle. There are three routes suitable for families with children and adventurous companies of friends alike.
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