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Well, I’m just working on a newsletter, during the recent 16 month I was mainly occupied with childcare 🙂 Then I got this e-mail.

So, if you have some impressions to share, you’re always welcome




Hallo Frankas,


Today I found on my computer a bunch of BaltiCCycle newsletters. It is some time ago that I received one for the last time. I hope all is well with you and your bicycle shop.


In spring 2014 I cycled with my sun from Ljubljana (SLO) to Riga with resting days in Osijek (Croatia), Tiszafüred (Hongary), Zamosc (Poland), and the last one Vilnius ! In Vilnius we stayed in hostel Jamaica not far from your shop, which we visited twice, but you was not there unfortunately.


From Vilius we cycled to the north-east of Lithuania, which we found very beautiful, hills, lakes, villages. We then crossed the latvian border east of Turmantas, cycled to Daugavpils and from there at the south side of the Daugava to Riga. The route, from Daugavpils to Jekabpils along the river (south side) was really nice. It certainly deserves some attention as a cycling route. Though being largely a sand road, it is good for cycling (the little waves in the sand that make cycling virtually impossible are rare). The river views are unforgettable. We basically cycled along rivers in all countries we crossed (Sawa, Drawa, Duna, Tisza, Bug, Narew, Biebrza, Neris), but really viewing and enjoying the river landscape for many kilometres we expierenced only along the Daugava.


The only problem we had was that the cars, about 5 per day, sometimes drove absolutely careless, but that appears a general problem in Latvia (in Lithuania we had a better feeling about the car driving). Here are a few pictures. The last one shows my sun and me at a ferry crossing of the Tisza river in Hungary. The others is Daugava river. If you ever need pictures for a brochure or so, feel free to ask. I can send them in full resolution, and (for you) free to use (for me it is just good fun).


Some years ago I bought at your shop the Nemunas cycling guide and some maps. In 2014 I saw your shop in Vilnius, perhaps another time you will be there in person!


All the best,



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