A General Presentation: Cycling in Estonia

The introduction of Rein Lepik, president of the Estonian cyclists’ club „Vänta Aga“ – see as well www.bicycle.ee

Estonia – A Cyclists Paradise

Cycling has rapidly developed in Estonia during the last few years. Along with other cycling events, bicycles are becoming more and more popular with hikers. When the borders were opened, the first dream of a bicycle fan was to cycle somewhere in Italy or Spain; however, cyclist have now discovered that Estonia also offers great experiences for hikers. Numerous foreign tourists have expressed the same opinion after visiting Estonia and finding solitude in the forests, an early morning freshness with birds’ singing, picturesque lakes in deep forests and beaches where a hiker can always find a beautiful place for camping. These things are no longer common in Central Europe. For example, few Estonians realize that the Baltic States are among only a few places in Europe where a stork can still be seen.

In addition to the wonderful natural environment, the size of Estonia is perfect for cyclists. It is possible to travel throughout all of Estonia, and Estonia offers an incredible variety of scenery. In only a couple of days you can cycle on the hilly roads of South-Estonia, admire a sunrise in the bogs, visit historical and cultural places in Central Estonia, enjoy views of the Baltic sea from the steep rocky coast of North- Estonia, and visit the islands – the most popular place with cyclists.

The weather in Estonia is varied like in all Nordic countries. We have experienced wonderful summers, warm sea water and unique light mid-summer nights.

Wishing you a pleasant cycling experience,

Rein Lepik

The President of Vänta Aga Cycling Club

Estonia presents you by two main cycling routes:

One (and National Cycling Route No. 1) in the west over the beautiful islands of Hiumaa and Saaremaa and one in the East – a meeting with lakes, forests and hills.




Travel Estonia by Bicycle.

It is hard to think of a country more suited to leisure cycling than Estonia.

We have no big mountains, no sprawling towns, few unpaved roads but plenty of nature and cultural attractions to keep you interested along the way. With long hours of daylight in the summer, you can cycle leisurely, with plenty of breaks and never be in the dark.

You can hire a bike in Estonia or bring your own. If you bring your own, check with the airline first on the costs. You may be surprised at how much or at how little it will cost. To bring a bike from London to Tallinn on Estonian Air adds just 35 EUR when we checked.

Why not join a group of fellow enthusiasts? Cycling is much more fun that way.

We want to encourage cyclists both in towns and on the open road. We often have special bicycle lanes for you.

Probably you will want to come between May and October when there is no chance of ice or snow on the roads.

For gentle hills, which we cheekily call mountains, base yourself in Otepää in South Estonia, which doubles as our ski resort in the winter.

Why not combine train, boat and bike to explore the islands and beautiful national parks?

Publications for this region in the BaltiCCycle.eu shop

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