Month: December 2013

Newsletter 2013/12 [DE]

Newsletter 2013/12 [DE]   Liebe BaltiCCyclisten! Seit März gab es keinen "ordentlichen" BaltiCCycle-Rundbrief mehr. Und so kommt dieser Newsletter kurz bevor Weihnachten über uns herein bricht. Natürlich ist seit dem – wie immer – viel passiert. Die wichtigste persönliche Änderung schlägt sich in der Änderung meines Nachnamens nieder (ich habe geheiratet). So hat sich vieles in …

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4. BALTICCYCLE EXPEDITIONS 2014 + review 2013

.   BALTICCYCLE EXPEDITIONS 2014 + review 2013  DIE BALTICCYCLE EXPEDITIONEN 2014 + Rückblick 2013 (auf Englisch) The BaltiCCycle expeditions are organised by an international group of cycle enthusiasts.   Die BaltiCCycle-Expeditionen werden von einer internationalen Radfahrerenthusiastengruppe organisiert.       Dear BaltiCCycle friends! We would like to inform you about the latest BC news: 1.       BC2013 …

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History of the BaltiCCycle

Prehistory of BaltiCCycle Different environmental protest actions including bicycle rides on a mass scale have been organized in Lithuania by grassroots at the end of Soviet times. It was one of the forms of Lithuanian movement for independence. History of BaltiCCycle 1997 – The Lithuanian Cyclists' Community (LCC), a national non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) has been established. 1997 – 2000– …

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[LV] Local cycle routes in Latvia & Riga (Map)

City tours in and around Riga at: There are more offers, but we can’t make any recommendations, because we don’t know them personally ;). This is the English language adoption of information concerning local / regional  cycling routes in Latvia. (Explation to the original map see below) Bicycle routes (by Ingus Salinieks, member of …

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