[LV4 (LV1b)] Zemgale: The South / der Süden


[LV1b] Zemgale: The South / der Süden


Here I will add some basic information on the part to Latvia South of Riga.
on the one hand it is a region full of history with the famous castles of Jelgava, Rundale and Bauska, on the other hand the territory is flat and not very interesting for cycling.
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Basically, we would go south from Riga to Bauskas, Panevezys, Ukmerge and Vilnius. We don’t really want to go to Klaipeda or Daugvapils.
The cycle routes go more east or west than just south. Is there a reason for this? Are the roads going south not so good?
This region is pretty flat, the Lithuanian side is more marked by old industrial cities and agriculture.
It’s simply not very attractive for tourism. The seaside and the Eastern regions of forests and lakes are more attractive and scenic.