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[LT1] Dzūkija

Pictures of this region https://photos.app.goo.gl/7ZGewPd6HDaQ3vVf9 „Atrask Dzūkija“ -bike tours in Dzūkija National Park https://photos.app.goo.gl/dTBLRisGNuqzgniHA     [LT1] Dzukija: The South East / der Südosten {{picLT1}} sind… Der litauische Süden ist auch so eine Welt für sich: Wälder durch die Flüsse mäandern, Holzhütten. Man könnte den Eindruck bekommen, hier hätte Rotkäppchen einst den bösen Wolf getroffen. Wie führen Euch weg von der Hauptstraße, die sich schnurstracks durch den Wald schneidet… Links: Publications and more … link to Vilnius-Warsaw at Long-distance routesVerweis zu Vilnius-Warschau unter Fernroutenlink to maps and…

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EuroVelo 10 EuroVelo 10 runs around Baltic Sea. Some of its parts are mapped on OpenStreetMap project [2]. On the state of the route there is an OpenStreetMap wiki page [3] Map of the EuroVelo 10 Route http://www.openstreetmap.org/?relation=63584 for the Baltic States in Lithuania it is identical with the Sea coast cycle trail (LT5); in Estonia it is signed as the National Route No. 1; for Latvia you can find the cycling description on „Latvia by Bicycle“ (sorry, there is no special infrastructure there, yet),BaltiCCycle regions for Latvia: LV1 (the West) and LV2 (NorthEast)   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EuroVelo#EuroVelo_10 No. 10 the Baltic Sea Route („Hansering“):   

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[LT1] Warszawa-Vilnius

Route for GPS: https://cycling.waymarkedtrails.org/#route?id=2766981&map=5!53.4415!23.8162 [shashin type=“album“ id=“56″ size=“medium“]   In the East – close to the border to Belarus – you find nature: Forests and rivers, and therefor also some National parks (Wigry in Poland, Dzukija in Lithuania. Still, this region is much less tourist than others (Mazuria in Poland or the Lithuanian coast). And the infrastructure is less developed and more like an adventure We did it in 2003: 159 cyclist „tried“ this route between the two capitals of Poland and Lithuania. This route…

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