Kemeri NP

Kemeri and Kemeri National Park

Kemeri is a part Jurmala City – a very special part. It is like a town enclosed in primeval nature. There are lots of roads, paths and tracks in Kemeri vicinity- both in the town and in nearby forests. If you feel that You will not get lost – feel free to explore them. You will find something new for yourself and perhaps for us as well.

If You do not want to take adventures, we advise you to choose one of routes described below. Please note that these routes are not marked and you will have to find your way on your own. However there routes are not really complex- we are sure You will manage! For some longer routes you may also get a route map at our bicycle rent.

If y ou desire, there is no really need to come back to the starting point- you may leace the rented bicycle at other our bicycle rent stations or with our partners in Tukums and Jurmala (Bulduri and Melluzi).

We offer following routes in Kemeri and Kemeri National Park:

1 ?emeri – Anti?ciems – Lapmežciems – Bigau?ciems – Jaun?emeri – ?emeri (21 km)
2 ?emeri – Slokas ezers – K?dra – ?emeri (12 km)
3 Lilijas ezers (amp. 14 km)
4 Kemeri town and the Sanatorium park (3,5 – 7+ km)
5 Jaun?emeru pludmale un Kauguri (13 – 20 km)
6 Slokas ezers- s?ravoti un Vecslocenes dumbr?js (9 – 12 km)



Tour routes in ?emeri National Park

Welcome to ?emeri!

There are 7 new routes for hiking, cycling, canoeing, self-drive and bird watching developed in ?emeri National Park. The new tourism products are aimed for tourists who are self planning their travels. Just print out the route description with attached map and enjoy your trip! Every route description includes: short description of points of interest, information about available tourism services and accommodations, contact information for bike/boat rentals, tourism information boards etc. Bird watching is suggested in a company with experienced guide.



?emeri – The Historical SPA

This route will inform you about the most important cultural and historical monuments in the town of ?emeri, most of which are linked to the development of the town as a spa town. For several centuries, ?emeri was a flourishing spa of international importance. It was established in 1838, and it had a fine infrastructure with a wide range of services. In Soviet times, ?emeri was a spa of pan-Soviet importance, and it shut down when the Soviet system collapsed in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The ruins of hotels and the former swimming facility have now turned into a small and quiet little town with a certain sense of abandonment. The careful eye, however, will notice many important treasures, and it will be worth spending at least half a day in examining these. The route is also appropriate for Nordic walkers or bikers. The historical part of ?emeri is a monument to urban construction.

Season Yearround
Difficulty Easy
Beginning The Forest House, administrative and informational centre for the ?emeri National Park. This is a circular route which can also be begun from the ?emeri railroad station, where there is a free car park.
End The Forest House or ?emeri railroad station
Length ~ 8 km
Duration ~ 3 – 4 h
Road cover Paved
Route The Forest House – ?emeri Park – Karogu street – Robežu street – Tukuma street – Broc?nu street – E. D?rzi?a street – S?ravotu street – T?ristu street – The Forest House
Distance from R?ga 45 km
Logistics Circular route which returns to where it began
Alternatives You can merge this route with the “Along the Green Dune” hiking route or the “On a Bike Around the ?emeri National Park” biking route.
Note! The Forest House will offer you additional information about the ?emeri National Park. If you want to learn more about the former spa and its history, hire a guide to accompany you. Bicylcists need to observe traffic rules and polite practices. You are responsible for your own safety and that of your children along the route.
Route description/ map



Around ?emeri national Park

This is a route for active and athletic people. It encircles the perimeter of the ?emeri National Park, offering a very good idea of the natural, cultural and historical treasures that are found in the park. This is a diverse route in terms of what can be seen, but also in terms of biking conditions.

Season April-October, recommended during the summer
Length Ap 80 km. Veicams vien? vai div?s dien?s ar nakš?ošanu t?ristu m?tn?s.
Duration ~ 8 h (bez objektu apskates)
Type of bike Mountain bike, particularly for the latter half of the route from the Sm?rde saloon
Difficulty Medium in two days, comparatively hard in one
Road cover Gravel and earthen roads for about half the distance
Beginning ?emeri railway station, where there is a free car park
End ?emeri railway station
Route ?emeri – Jaun?emeri – Bigau?ciems – Lapmežciems – Ragaciems – Klapkalnciems (via the forest route between the P 128 road and Lake Ka?ieris) – part of the Lustužkalns Circle bike route – „Valguma pasaule” – Sm?rde – the Dunduri meadows – the Kr??i hills – K?dra – ?emeri
Markings The Lustužkalns Circle bike route is marked with orange markings, and part of it coincides with this route
Alternatives You can travel the route in the opposite direction. In ?emeri you can return by train from Sm?rde or K?dra to avoid the most difficult part of the route, between K?dra and ?emeri.
Distance from R?ga 45 km
Logistics Circular route, returning where it started
Note! The A 10 highway between R?ga and Ventspils is inappropriate for biking, because it is narrow, of poor quality and with intensive traffic, particularly in the area between Sloka, K?dra and Sm?rde.  Some parts of this route are difficult. There is a peat cement factory nearby, and that means that there can be glass and other sharp objects on some parts of the route – watch out! During the tourism season, travel along the J?rmala-Tukums highway is not recommended, because there will be kilometres of parked cars along the way. This is the so-called Slow Mile, and you are advised to take the forest par thereof. Watch your bike and equipment always. You must be responsible for your own safety and that of your children when you travel the route.
Route description/ map



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