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Routes from Vilnius to Trakai

Leaving Vilnius: 2 ways from the city centre to Lentvaris   Now there are two main versions to go from Vilnius to Trakai: There is no doubt about the first part: Start from Cathedral square via Gediminas Prospektas Boulevard and the Žvėrynas (District of Wooden Houses) to Vingis Park When you come to the round about at the Main road Savanorių prospektas it’s time for a decision: ROUTE 1: The “traditional route” leads along Savanorių prospektas, then turn right at Titnagio St. use the very…

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[1] To the “Green Lakes” and Europe sculpture park

 Maps .To the Green Lakes of Verkiai . .and the “ Centre of Europe ” sculpture park . .General presentation:. Well known to the residents of Vilnius – but almost unknown to the stranger – is the Nature park of Verkiai. Here you can breathe the impression of Lithuania’s wild nature: Forests and picturesque lakes welcome you. And it’s all within the city borders.That’s a quite common surprise in Vilnius: Once you are in a residential area, then you turn and find yourself in a…

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