Service information for CoViD-19

Aren’t we risky if we rent bicycles during quarantine?

Well, for us is a very sad time, because we love the personal interaction with people: advise which bicycle fits you best, recommend the nicest bicycle route. All this must happen now over distance 🙁 

We are still convinced, that the bicycle is the best means of transport. We hope that the bicycle will gain even more popularity in the crisis: It’s not polluting, strengthens your health, and keeps safe distance. On the other hand we’re afraid that the car – the imagined “safe box”, which in fact is responsible for most traffic accidents and fatalities – will be the winner once more.  

That’s the reason why even in this difficult time we want to support the possibility that everybody can get used to ride a bike.


Our experience during quarantine led to the following service rules and three safety levels


At the moment we work only by agreed time. Sometimes – if we know it well in advance – we inform about our office time in the social networks.

The easiest way is to call and ask: Tel. +37067412123

Email: or use the contact form on our web page.


Common rules:

  • We wear mask and safety cloves at work ;
  • bicycle are disinfected after and before every use;
  • most of service happens OUTSIDE in front of our office, keeping safe distance;
  • the more we know about your desired bicycle (type and size) the better we can prepare and present your bicycles outside;
  • we note your contacts also for the case that we have to contact you urgently.

1st safety level  (common safety)

  1. You may enter by one (or as couple) in our office and choose your bicycle.
    The bicycles will be carried outside and adjusted there;
  2. Clients who are not served right at that moment have to wait outside and keep safe distance;
  3. You may leave the deposit  (50€ per bicycle / 100€ for Gravel bike or  E-Bike) in cash

2nd safety level – advanced safety, less contact

  1. We agree on the desired bicycle in advance (type and size). 
    At your arrival your fitting bicycles wait for you outside;
  2. You may leave the deposit by bank card ;
  3. You only have to sign the rental contract;

3rd safety level – absolutely without personal contact 

  1. Your desired bicycles wait for you outside. The bicycles were just disinfected 
    They are locked with a code.;
  2. All payments (deposit and rental)  –  in advance and totally without contact
    we take bank transfer, Revolut, Paysera or Paypal;
  3. After the formalities (Identification via the window, you sign and leave the contact without meeting us) we send you the code of the lock by SMS;
  4. After the return of the bicycles (in a good shape) we send the deposit back to you;




All points from the different safety levels can be freely combined – we already had all cases  and are very flexible:) 

Greetings from your  Velo-City Vilnius family



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