The Big BIKE SALE starts August, 20th

Starting from August, 20th we will sell a wide range of bicycles from the bike rental.
Of cause also with our “long-rental scheme” (get 50% back later)
Age of (most) bicycles: 2-3 years
Price range: 180-260 € (and the chance of getting 50% back later)

We have Mountainbikes, hybrid, city and even some electric bikes for sale.

more on our page:

(bike sale ENDS at the end of September 2019)

We’ll be low on bicycles on August, 18th

Due to the so called “Velomarathon Vilnius” on Sunday the 18th of August most of bicycles (and all of our helmets) are reserved.

There’s are some several children’s available.

All the bicycles are supposed to come back after the events.

For more updates please contact us by phone +37067412123

The apologize for any inconveniences