June 3rd: Information about bicycle rental & tours because of “Vilnius Challenge 2017” Multi-sport competition

Dear Cylists!

Information due to the competition “Vilnius Challenge 2017” on Saturday, 3rd of June  (https://www.vilniuschallenge.lt):

All bicycles and helmets are ORDERED. We not sure when the first bicycles return to the rental point (probably around 3 p.m.)

Free bicycles are: 3 children’s bicycles, 2 tandems and 3 electric bicycles and one road bike (everything what does not fit for the competition)

The same day (June 3rd) we won’t be able to make a city tour by bicycle (no bicycles available 🙁 but we can offer the tour on Sunday, the 4th (please see the post before)


Anyway: Enjoy your stay – on two wheels or without them!

The Velo-city Vilnius team

City tour by bicycle next Sunday, June 4th!

For the first time they’ll be a bike tour on Sunday!

Start: as usual 11 a.m.

Price: 18€

Duration: 2 hrs.

Please note that we offer this tour in partnership with another company, therefor price, duration and location differ to our usual daily tour!!!

for more information and please contact us (+37067412123, [email protected])

or fill your data into the form:

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FAMILY DAYS ON TWO WHEELS – Route for May, 20th

Route for May, 20th

Our second route of  “Family days on two wheels” will lead us to  lake Salotė!

If you think this route is long, don’t be afraid: We will manage it slowly with several rests in 4 hours.

Each of our trips starts in Vingis park at the Open air stage.

Our meeting point is at the playground beside the stage:


On this route you’ll see and experience:

  • Karoliniškės forest
  • the TV tower
  • long Picnic break at the beach of lake Salotė
  • the “Fairytale” park in Lazdynai

Route map

Some pictures from our first tour:



Find more on

www.sveikasmiestas.lt and


Organisation:  „Velo-City Vilnius“, „SPORTLAND” , VšĮ „Sveikas miestas“.

MTB Tours – daily in 2018!


Discover the beautiful green and hilly surroundings of Vilnius on a Mountain bike!


In 2019 regular Mountain bike tours are scheduled for:
(booking in advance required!.


  • Thursday to Sunday:
    10.00 a.m.
  • Duration: 2 hrs.


  • Registration (and confirmation) at least 24 hrs in advance!!!
  • Duration: about 2 hrs.
  • Price: 25 € per person
  • Min. 2 Participants
  • Price for only one participant: 35€
  • Usual MTB route is #1 Belmontas (see below)

Yes, sign me up for a MTB tour!

MTB routes

For separate groups or orders in advance   we have three different routes for you to choose:

Duration: 2-4 hrs.
Price per person: 25 € (min. 2 participants)
(bicycle, guide, helmet included) (bicycle, guide, helmet included)

Route #1 Belmontas

MTB Tours - daily in 2018!

Belmontas – it‘s a beautiful nature wonder in Pavilnių Regional Park on the outskirts of Vilnius. in the southern parts of the park you will see a flowing river Vilnia. There you can also find Belmont pond and Pūčkoriai exposure. This escarpment opens 20 thousand year-old ground layers and is considered one of the most important geological monument of Lithuania. The impressive landscape attracts hundreds of tourists to the park, so why not to use opportunity and visit everything with the bike?

Route #2 Karoliniškės

MTB Tours - daily in 2018!During the tour you will visit the largest Lithuania Vingio park. The main park square and amphitheater in it fascinates in its size, and surrounding forests helps you to feel peace of mind. Also you will visit fabulous Karoliniškės park, where you will find many sculptures, symbolizing the various tales and mythological characters of Lithuania. The tour will excite the imagination and it will help you to experience the calmness of the nature – a great opportunity to relax from the daily routine.

Route # 3: Green lakes

MTB Tours - daily in 2018!In the outskirts of Vilnius there are six lakes, which you will visit during the tour. Lakes stand out from the others because of their bright green color, which is due to the high content of carbonates in groundwater. During the tour you’ll not only be astonished by these extraordinary natural wonders, but you will also test yourself by driving along winding forest paths.

Yes, sign me up for a MTB tour!

  • MTB tours are organised together with our partner organisation “Velotakas”