Cycle travel

Cycle Travel in the Baltic States

The BaltiCCycle partners offer a wide range of cycle travel in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Two companies in the network provide cycle travel services: in Klaipeda

and in Tallinn


a) more and more popular are becoming so called “non-guided trips”.

b) the “classical” fully organised bus and bike trips , with bus transfers with guides etc. They vary a lot (like the cyclists do), but usually a local tour operator provides the services to a foreign agency which sells them.

All itinaries can be combined and adopted by your needs.

c) individual booking 

or request use the form for your personal cycle travel: (opens a pop-up window) Online-booking form

Form for requesting an individual cycle travel or booking (in ENGLISH)

 A) Non guided bicycle travel


How does it work?

You will get a detailed personal introduction in the countries culture and the travel organiser is always available, but without a nervous tour guide you cycle on your own: The travel operator provides you with the accommodation, detailed route descriptions and maps (such as in the SHOP).
Sometimes there are trips on fixed dates. There You find similar cyclists in the accommodation – and may decide on yourself whether you’ll travel with them or prefer to stay alone…


Bicycle travel in Estonia and the Baltics

<p>&nbsp;</p> <table cellspacing=”1″ cellpadding=”1″ border=”1″ align=”left” width=”100%”>     <caption>Cycle travel in Estonia 2012</caption>     <tbody>         <tr>             <td>&nbsp;</td>             <td>&nbsp;</td>         </tr>         <tr>             <td>&nbsp;</td>             <td>&nbsp;</td>         </tr>         <tr>             <td>Riga – West-Estonia, Islands – Tallinn</td>      … Cycle Travel

Our partner in Klaipeda: Du ratai / Baltic Bike Travel

in Klaipeda conditions: city tour only by request Stadttour nach Anfrage (beliebt z. B. bei Kreuzfahrttouristen) Litauische Küste / Lithuanian Coast: Klaipeda (Memel), Palanga, Kurische Nehrung  BALTIC BIKE TRAVEL Bicycle Rental Naujoji Uosto g. 3, KLAIPEDA/Memel (bei der Alten Fähre auf die Kurische Nehrung) Lithuania / Litauen Working hours: Office: Mo.- Fr. 9-18, Rental point: May-Sep. Mo.- So. 9-22, Oct.-Apr. Mo.-Fr. 9-18, other time on request Contacts: Mobile Tel.: +370 615 91773 E-mail: rent @ Contact person: Saulius Ruzinskas (Mr.) Images of the rental point in Klaipeda Bilder der BaltiC Cycle Partner… Cycle Travel, city tours by bicycle, local partners (Vilnius, Klaipeda, Riga, Tallinn, Tartu, ...)


Einen vereinfachten Überblick zu den möglichen Radreiserouten gibt es jetzt hier Dies sind die beliebtesten und schönsten Routen: Wir bieten dazu Übernachtungspakete oder auch komplette Rad-Busreisen zusammen mit unseren Partnern in Estland, Lettland und Litauen. Brauchen Sie all das nicht, dann helfen Ihnen diese Routen zur eigenen Reiseplanung Unverbindliche online-Anfrage zum Fahrradverleih in den Baltischen Staaten hier Und Wegschreibungen und Karten zum selber Er-Radeln gibts im "Shop" hier Radreisen   +++ Neu !!!! +++ Rund 60 verschiedene Fahrradreisen in den Baltischen Staaten können Sie jetzt… Cycle Travel
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