Public transport and bicycle in Estonia

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Public transport and bicycle in Estonia

Public transport and bicycle in EstoniaWhile travelling within Estonia, you might sometimes need to transport your bike. Here are some hints and news useful to know for the 2021 season.

Options include train, bus and ferry. Most corners of Estonia can be reached with public transport.

TRAIN: Trains are the easiest way to transport a bike. You can reach most larger towns in Estonia by train. On each train there are 10 designated spots for bikes, which can be found in the C-area of the train, marked with a bike symbol. There is no bike ticket – bringing a bike with you is free of charge.

It is recommended to hang your bike on the hook, especially when the train is more crowded, as it saves space. You can also see the estimated space left for bikes when buying your train ticket.

Green bike symbol means that bicycles are allowed on that train and usually there is space available; orange means that there might not be enough space for bicycles available. Click the link below.

Train schedules, routes and tickets

Note that you can’t reserve your bicycle place on the train. It is good to arrive 10-15 minutes before the departure and secure your bicycle spot. This is possible only at the train starting point.

LONG DISTANCE BUSES: New for 2021. Luxexpress now offers the possibility to reserve a spot for your bike in the luggage area. Each bus has 5 bike spots, there’s also protective covers for bikes and it’s free of charge. You need to know how to take off the front wheel of your bike.

Information on Luxexpress routes

FERRYS: between mainland Estonia and islands. Tickets are sold in the terminal and the bike space is next to the cars. The crew will point you to a spot and later you don’t have to wait in the same queue as cars to get onto the ferry. Just ride past the queue and show your ticket (you have to buy a bike ticket, bags can stay on a bike).

Information about ferry times and routes.

If you need to transport your bicycle to other places or in bigger quantities let us know, there are also other options, we have trailers, vans and 18 years of experience.

This is a copy of our partner’s webpage article.
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