Welcome at the “BaltiCCycle”!


Welcome at the “BaltiCCycle”!

We collect information on cycling in the so called “Baltic States” – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia & provide service / help

BaltiCCycle is a small family based German Lithuanian Canadian company.

With our friends and partners in Klaipeda, Riga and Tallinn we cooperate eg. for bicycle rental.

How can we assist you?

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2 thoughts on “Welcome at the “BaltiCCycle”!”

  1. Hi. I hope to cycle on the coastal route through the Baltic Stares this summer. My question regards the wind direction. Is it easier to travel from East to West or West to east.

  2. good question and hard to say: I see a slight tendency that there is more wind comming from the sea (if you are close to the sea), so from the West.
    But if you are deeper in the land it might be different.

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