What do you find here?

Here you find useful publications – maps and descriptions for cycling and nature tourism in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

NB! We are based in the Baltic States and distribute mainly the local made publications!

Be aware of:

* the local people know best the real situation

* the local tradition may be a bit different to what you are used from “your” country

We destinguish in:

    1. We have some free (overview) publication, where you maybe have to pay only the costs for sending (as we are based on a poor NGO…)
    2. Cycle travel organised by partner organisation, which you can book – only at BaltiCCycle for a very special price!
    3. Special BaltiCCycle guides and maps, information packages specially for cycling 
      for the most popular routes between Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn and Klaipeda (the Curonian Spit)
      With this local and up-to-date information you may manage the popular long distance routes
    4. Cycle regions & Information for the countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other…)  

      If you want to stay a bit longer in one region 
      … and you will see that the distances are bigger if you do not want to take the motorway, but the scenic country side roads)

      still, they are three independent countries…

    5. other stuff:
GPS and T-Shirts, things to prove that you are a real BaltiCCyclist…
  1. Maps in Scale 1:50.000 we offer as well for hiking in the Baltic States


Overview of the different cycle regions and routes

Eesti – Estonia

[EE1] – National Route No. 1
coastal route

[EE3] – National Route No. 3

[EE4] – National Route No. 4

Latvija – Lettland- Latvia

[LV1] Kurzeme: The West

[LV2] Vidzeme: The North East

[LV3] Latgale: The South East

Lietuva –  Litauen – Lithuania 


[LT1] Dzukija: The South East

[LT2] Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipeda: The Nieman Cycle Trail

[LT3] Aukshtaitija: The North East

[LT4] Suvalkija: The South West

[LT5] Pajuris: The West (Seacoast region)


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