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The Coat of Arms

The coat of arms combines symbols of Latvian national statehood (three stars, the sea and the sun) as well as symbols representing ancient historical districts: Kurzeme and Zemgale are depicted by a lion, Vidzeme and Latgale are depicted by the legendary winged silver creature with an eagle’s head, a griffin.


Latvia is the central country of the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). On the world map Latvia is to be found in North-eastern Europe, on the east coast of the Baltic Sea. The landscape of the country is marked by lowland plains and rolling hills. Most of the countryside is less than 100 metres above sea level. There are thousands of rivers and lakes in Latvia.

* Area: 64,589 sq.km or 24,937


* Length of Latvia’s Baltic coastline:

494 km.

* Longest river within Latvian territory: the Gauja, 452 km.

* Largest river to flow through Latvian territory: the Daugava, total length 1,005 km, of which 352 km within Latvian territory.

* Highest point: Gaizi?kalns,

311.6 metres.


Latvia’s weather is governed by a moderate oceanic climate, with changing high and low pressure and a considerable amount of precipitation. Summer: June – August, average temperature: 15.8?, (winter: -4.5?)


Latvia is situated in a nature zone between the vegetation of Northern and Central Europe presenting splendid and diverse natural landscapes. Latvia, more backgroundForests cover 44 percent of the territory. Variety of flora and fauna: aprox. 27.7 thousand species – the largest otter population in Europe, and a greater chance of seeing the rare black stork


Latvian national currency is the lats (LVL), 1 lats consists of 100 santims.

Exchange rate 1 ? = ca. 0,6 Ls

Most Important Traditional Festival

The annual celebration of the summer solstice, known as J??i (St. John) is generally viewed as the most important Latvian holiday. J??i is celebrated on June 23 and 24. These days of celebration mark the summer solstice with a colourful array of ancient traditions whose origins date back thousands of years.

Latvian Foods

Latvia’s most popular national foods are usually considered to be caraway cheese, grey peas with bacon, bacon-filled pastries made from yeast dough and a special rye bread prepared according to ancient recipes. Rye bread is eaten every day by most of the population and it can be bought in every shop. Caraway cheese is the most typical food of the J??i (summer solstice) celebrations.

Important / Wichtigste Tel. Nr.

Feuerwehr / Fire guard /

Ugunsdzeseji: 01, 112

Policija: 02

Erste Medizinische Hilfe / First Medical Aid / Atra mediciniska palidziba: 03,

Information: 118, 117

www.117.lv. www.118.lv



The number is + 371 67001188 and it is open around the clock, manned by English-speaking operators.



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Baltikum Tourismus Zentrale (BTZ)

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