EuroVelo13 “Iron Curtain Trail”

No. 13 The Iron Curtain Trail  experiencing the history of Europe’s division For almost half a century, Europe was forcibly divided into East and West by the “Iron Curtain”, a border stretching from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea. The European cycle track Iron Curtain Trail invites people to retrace and experience this important part of the …

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Internationale Fahrradrouten, Fernrouten (EuroVelo 10, 11, 13, R1), Entfernungstabelle

Fernrouten zum Fahrradfahren in den Baltischen Staaten    Fernrouten (119) Dabei handelt es sich um die Verbindung zwischen den vier wichtigsten Orten in Litauen, Lettland, Estland. Als da wären: die drei Hauptstädte Vilnius, Riga und Tallinn plus der Hafenstadt Klaipeda (Memel) vor der Kurischen Nehrung. Andere mögliche Start- und Endpunkte sind die Häfen Ventspils (Westlettland), Paldiski (Western Estonia), …

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{{offerPL}} Poland by bicycle Poland is “only” our neighbour, so here only some basic information and some projects occured in the border region, like the “Suvalkija cycle circuit” or the bicycle tour “Warsaw-Vilnius”. Therefor we collected some basic information, which is available in the wiki. Polen per Fahrrad Polen ist – aus Litauen gesehen – …

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Estland per Rad

Eine allgemeine Vorstellung Rein Lepik nennt Estland “Radfahrerparadies”. Der Mann muss es wissen, hat er doch die Fahrradroutenbeschilderung in Estland eingeführt.Und so gibt es in Estland seit 2003 ein voll ausgeschildertes nationales Fahrradroutennetz. Die Beschilderung ist so gut, dass man sich kaum verfahren kann – wenn man denn im Besitz der estnischen Fahrradkarte ist. Die erschien …

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Lettland per Rad

 Bicycling in Latvia / Fahrradfahren (Velofahren) in Lettland Latvija – Lettland- Latvia LV1 / Western Latvia,  Kurzeme region  (Couronia), Klaipeda-Riga LV2 / North Eastern Latvia, Vidzeme region with the Gauja National park LV3 / South Eastern Latvia, Latgale region LV4 / South Latvia, Zemgale region LV1 / Westlettland,, Region Kurzeme (Kurland)LV2 / Nordostlettland, Region Vidzeme mit dem Gauja Nationalpark LV3 / Südostlettland, Region Latgale LV4 /Südlettland, Zemgale region Fahrradkarte Lettland / …

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Litauen per Rad

Bicycling in Lithuania / Fahrradfahren (Velofahren) in Litauen Fahrradkarte Litauen Hauptfahrradrouten auf einer Google Karte Eine allgemeine Vorstellung Land der Flüsse Ein kleiner Text für einen “ersten Eindruck”. Jetzt aber los … denn Litauen ist mehr als “nur die Kurische Nehrung”. Zwischen der Hauptstadt des Barocks im hügeligen Osten und dem Sandstrand der Ostseeküste tut …

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EuroVelo 11 Osteuroparoute Nordkapp-Athen

EuroVelo 11 is called 11 the East Europe Route and connect (theoretically) the North Cape with Athens. On the state of the route, there is an OpenStreetMap wiki page [4] for the Baltic States Estonia: The route is marked on Estonia’s National Route No. 3. You may find the route on the Cycle Map Estonia: http://www.balticcycle.eu/shop3/en/maps-for-cycling-lithuania-latvia-estonia/1-cycle-map-estonia.html …

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[LT1] Dzūkija: Vilnius-Poland

[toc]   [LT1] Dzūkija: Vilnius-Polen per Rad   Pictures of this region     [LT1] Dzukija: The South East / der Südosten {{picLT1}} First – leave Vilnius to the Famous water castle of Trakai. Then, turn South. You will cross the hilly land of the Regional park Auštadvaris (and you will see, why they sometimes name it …

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EuroVelo 10 – Ostseeküstenradweg

EuroVelo 10 EuroVelo 10 runs around Baltic Sea. Some of its parts are mapped on OpenStreetMap project [2]. On the state of the route there is an OpenStreetMap wiki page [3] Map of the EuroVelo 10 Route http://www.openstreetmap.org/?relation=63584 for the Baltic States in Lithuania it is identical with the Sea coast cycle trail (LT5); in Estonia it is signed as the National Route No. 1; for Latvia you …

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International Routes, Long distance

  Long-distance cycle routes in the Baltic States on all Routes  there are English or German language descriptions available. They are made here in den Baltic states by local cyclists – who knows the situation better? and often used in mass rides. You may purchase them seperately or in an information package via the shop. ong distance …

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Belarus http://wiki.dviratis.lt/tiki-index.php?page_id=45

Russia – Russland

    Russland On cycling in Russia there is still not much to say… Maybe the bicycle becomes a toy for some richer people – and is some transport for the poor on the country side- but there is no movement that it might become a common means of transport as it eg. is starting …

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ORIGINAL TEXTBOOK / Tour GUIDE Baltic Bicycle Tour “BaltiCCycle ‘2001” (NOT EDITED)

ORIGINAL TEXTBOOK / Tour GUIDE  PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT MANY SERVICE INFORMATION CHANGED MEANWHILE . HERE WILL BE AN UPDATE ON THE SEPARATE  ROUTES ELSEWHERE Baltic Bicycle Tour “BaltiCCycle ‘2001” Tour Guide Content Baltic Bicycle Tour “BaltiCCycle ‘2001” 1 Tour Guide 1 Content 1 International bicycle cycle “BaltiCCycle ‘2001” Tour Guide 15 Design: 15 …

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