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Today is “Culture night” – rent a bike for 8€ for the whole night!

Today, June, 18th, there is the “Culture night” (https://www.kulturosnaktis.lt/en). The whole night the city will be covered with more than 40 events. This event is happening since 2009 and one week before Midsummer.

And that’s a perfect occasion to remind you about our night fare:

for only 8€, that means the fee for 4 hours you can ride friom 6 p.m. (18.00)  to 11 a.m. in the morning. Of course also on every other day. So: Deal?

All information about bike rental here:  http://velovilnius.lt/nuomos-kainos/nuomos-kainos-ir-salygos/ 

Welcome to 2018! Take a look back on 2017 at Velo-City Vilnius…

Welcome to 2018! Take a look back on 2017 at Velo-City Vilnius...

Thanks to everyone who was with us in 2017 and enjoyed it as much as we do.
Hope to see you again, soon .

The Velo-City Vilnius team

Frankas, Veronika, Little Jonas, Rasak and Saulius

P.S.: We’re here. The bikes are here.
So, if you need anything until March – give us a call!

We’ll be back on a daily basis in April. By then you can always ask if need a bicycle or want to rent or buy a bike.
We are usually not far away and only have to agree on a time …


Here’s a selection of pictures of our life at Velo-City Vilnius aka VILNIUS BIKE TOURS AND RENTAL in 2017


[telaalbums album=”Velo-city Vilnius 2017 VILNIUS BIKE TOURS AND RENTAL”]

And here’re what I still want to work on until the Summer season (wait for updates 🙂

* Cycling in Latvia (balticcycle.eu/routes)

* Vilnius bike routes (vilniusvilnius.lt/bikemap)


Now – with a few clicks to your rental bike!

Now online: Your easy way to get your perfect rental bike:

Bicycle order form

  • :
  • we reserve bicycles for one hour from the hour of your order, after that we have to right to rent them to somebody else;
  • Our address: Pylimo St. 31, Vilnius (close to the Synagogue), see http://velovilnius.lt/en/blog/kur-musu-rasite/.
    For bike transport pls. agree in advance

All details on bicycle rental in Vilnius:
http://velovilnius.lt/en/nuomos-kainos/nuomos-kainos-ir-salygos/ )
Order your bike tour here:

Rent-a-bike! only €10 full day >> MORE

Our Old town rental point in operation from April to late September: Pylimo 31, Mo.-Su. 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. more here [/rent] We offer a wide range of high quality bicycles.All bicycles can be rented out with a high quality bicycle lock. lights. helmet, reflection vest, repair kit- ​More about our bicycle see http://velovilnius.lt/en/nuomos-kainos/musu-dviraciai/ Conditions For renting a bicycle you have to: a) show a document (ID, Passport); b) sign a contract; c) leave a deposit of 70Lt per bicycle (in cash or by credit…

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