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Winter cyclists club invites you to our ride on February, 20th, 2016

The Vilnius Winter Cycling Club invites you to a bike ride, which will commemorate the end of the winter cycling season, or the beginning of the spring season.  And what about this crazy Lithuanian weather??? Will it be a winter ride through a stormy blizzard? Or will it be a lovely spring day with blooming flowers all around us?  Either way, the ride will still take place. Throw your dice and draw your cards, because you are about to participate in the weather lottery!  🙂

And here’s the plan:

12.00  Meeting, get to know each other (or remember each other), agreements, prepare the table for coming back !

12.30 p.m.. Let’s go

4.30 p.m.  We’ll come back and

until 6.00 p.m.   hang out together, share impressions of the ride and cycling stories over tea and some snacks (you can also bring something to share).

Where do we meet?

Meeting point and after-party: “Senamiesčio dviratis”, Pylimo g. 31 (close to the  Synagogue),

Scheduled route:



“Ledinių ratų klubo” – Winter cyclists’ club web page – velovilnius.lt/ledas)

facebook’e per www.facebook.com/velovilnius (Velo-city Vilnius)

[email protected]

Tel. +370 674 12123


This event on facebook:




Come and join!



Balandžio 1d. dviračių žygelis "Pusiau aplink Užupį"

Sorry, this entry is only available in Lithuanian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. Užupio respublikos 14-ųjų metinių proga vyks žygelis dviračiais visai šeimai “Pusiau aplink Užupį”. Startas: balandžio 1 d., penktadienį 16.30 val. Tymo kvartale. Maršrutas: Tymo kvartalas-Belmontas-Filaretų g.-Užupio gimnazija. Pabaiga: 18 val. prie Užupio gimnazijos, kur dviratininkai garbingai išsirykiuos į eiseną! Žygio maršruto žemelapis   Trūksta dviračio? Jį galima išsinuomoti iš velo-city.lt dviračių nuomos.…

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