Get a new “Bicycle routes in Vilnius” map 2020!

Finally all the route descriptions and maps are online, including a google map to use on your own mobile device.

coming soon: pictures from the routes and separate GPS-tracks.

Get a paper copy of the map at velo-city Vilnius, Pylimo g. 31, in all Tourism information centres (Old town hall and at Cathedral square / Pilies g.) and soon in all bike shops

“Bicycle routes in Vilnius”.  The official  map for city guests (2020)







Download the map here:

Or grab a paper copy in our office, in the tourism information offices in Vilnius or in most of the bike shops in Vilnius

There are 5 round routes (circuits) on the map, which can be combined (there are connected among each other)

  • Violet route: To Pavilnys regional park (along Vilnelė river)
  • Orange route: To Žverynas, the TV tower and Vingis park
  • Blue route: Along both sides of Neris river.
  • Green route: Round trip at Verkiai manor and Verkiai Kalvarija (Pilgrimage path with stations of the cross)
  • Red route: Round trip in Verkiai Regional Park (to the Green lakes)



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