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Nemokami žygiai dviračiais Vilniaus mieste / Free bike tours in Vilnius

Free bike tours “Bike Capital” are back!

“Atrask sostinę dviračio ritmu!“ Nemokami žygiai dviračiais po Vilnių visai šeimai   Velo-Sostinė 2013 m. Kiekvienio mėnesio antrą sekmadienį,  14 val. nuo Katedros aikštės   05.12  – Sveikatas Žiedas II   Į Vilnių grižta “VeloSostinė”. Sekmadienio popiete miname po sostines gražiausias erdves. Šiemet VeloSostinė vyks antro menėsio sekmadienį, 14 val. nuo Katedros. Pradedame su lengvučiu maršrutu per miesto centrą, prie Neries, per Vingio parką. Bus ir policijos palyda Maršruto žemėlapis:

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08-11 / 14.00 val. / 2 p.m. “Bike Capital” – free bike tour to Pilaitė

. This time we are heading to the far West of Vilnius – The residential area of Pilaitė. Already prestigeous in Soviet times there is new construction as well going on today. At it’s border we find the manor of Pilaitės and visit the lake Salotė. We will understand why the local residents love their green surroundings. And don’t forget your swimming suit 🙂   Start: Sunday, August 11st, 2.p.m. at Vilnius Cathedral square Planned duration: 2–3 val.   On our way: * The manor house…

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Invitation to “VeloNeris” – the free bicycle season’s opening

LET’S MEET SPRING – BY BIKE & IN NATURE!  For the Second time we are in inviting to „Velo-Neris”, the bike season’s opening in Neris regional nature park not far from Vilnius. This year as well we invite you to find common minded friends on an easy ride in nature.  START OF THE BIKE TOUR: 28th of April, 2013,  after 1 p.m. at the biwak site of Bražuolė (see below)  END OF THE EVENT: around 5 p.m. OTHER EVENTS: From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. “First Flowers blossoming festival events on the other side…

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