Bike+Canoe tour #3, 2017-05-07

This spring season brings you a new adventure: a combined bike and canoe tour thru Vilnius.

And for a special (promo) price!

Of cause you may order a similar tour anytime!

That’s how it works:

1.  Meeting point: Pylimo g. 31 office.
2.  Meeeting time / registration, choose your bike : 10:30 a.m.
3. Leave 11:00 a.m.
4.  Cycle route from Pylimo 31 to the Parking place  200m from Verkiau water mill 5.  Distance by bicyle  – abt 10km
6. Cycling time – abt 40-60 min.

7.  Fees
Bicycle rental from – 7,5eur/Person
Riding you own bike – bicycle transportation 2,5€ per Person
One place in a canoe for two  7,5€/Person

8.  Meeting for the boating people, instruction and start:  between 11 and 12.00
9.  Finish by canoe: 300m behind the White Bridge on the right river bank of Neris river .
10. Distance by canoe: 10km
11. Boating time . about 1,5 hrs

* You may participate only one part of the trip: cycling OR canoeing.
* You may take your own bicycle: we’ll bring the bicycles from Verkiai to the White bridge.

Oraganisers: – ir

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