Eesti – Estonia – Estland

A general presentation
“Estonia is a paradise for cyclists” claims Rein Lepik, the president of Vänta Aga cycling club in the city of Tartu.

The good news:

In Estonia there is a completely signed bicycle network: overview map (chlick here)

See as well the seperate web page (unfortunately not often revised)

For the main routes there is a route description in

The route descriptions and the cycle map from Estonia you may purchase via our web shop

The main cycling targets in Estonia

The Baltic Sea coast (National Cycling Route No. 1) in the west over the beautiful islands of Hiumaa and Saaremaa

and the East – a meeting with lakes, forests and hills (No. 3 and No.4).

The bad news:

Even if the Estonians are doing very well, still some things are far from perfection:

In Estonia we may find a network of signed cycle routes not bicycle pathes:

These routes are mainly on existing (car) roads. Heavier transport parts are not completely avoidable

in some regions there is still a lack in infrastructure – few places of accommodation, few food shops and of cause no restaurants

some roads – specially in central Estonia – are just boring, in the way „30 km straight, forest left and right, pass three cabins and next 30 km of forest“…

[LT1] Warszawa-Vilnius

Route for GPS:!53.4415!23.8162


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In the East – close to the border to Belarus – you find nature: Forests and rivers, and therefor also some National parks (Wigry in Poland, Dzukija in Lithuania. Still, this region is much less tourist than others (Mazuria in Poland or the Lithuanian coast). And the infrastructure is less developed and more like an adventure

We did it in 2003: 159 cyclist “tried” this route between the two capitals of Poland and Lithuania. This route in future shall become part of the EuroVelo network as No. 10 Northcape-Athens.

 Result of the bicycle tour is booklet, which puts together basic information and is available for  1€ only in the shop