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Veronika Kulikauskienė

Grown up in Canada, Veronika is a native English speaker with Lithuanian roots.

She really loves Vilnius, it’s “her city”, and – without any doubt the most beautiful city in the world (just to make this clear)

Though Veronika has a very deep in the history of Vilnius her biggest interest is the religious side, the city’s 40 churches, the numerous nominations and the Jewish side (maybe her family line goes back to one brother of the Gaon himself).

Meet the legends of the city with the legendary Veronika!

What she likes:

  • Talk to people;
  • Questions;
  • religious people;
  • the lunch break and the traditional Lithuanian cold red beetroot soup … ;
  • tbc

What she doesn’t like:

  • very hot days;
  • people in a hurry

Veronika is an official  city tour guide  (certified by the city’s and state tourism department)


“Frankas” Kulikauskas (Wurft)

Velo-city director, Frankas Wurft, was born in 1973 in Langenhagen, Germany. He graduated from the University of Hanover with a Master’s degree in political science. In 1999, he came to Lithuania and became, in his own words “a German from Žvėrynas.” From his very first days in Lithuania, Frank was very active in propagating bicycle culture in our land. He is an active board member of The Lithuanian Cyclists’ Community, one of the founding members of the English and German informational websitewww.balticcycle.eu, and administrator of…

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