We have more high quality e-bikes /Pedelec for rent!

3 Trekking-type electric bicycles make your trip to the Green Lakes or Trakai an easy one (velovilnius.lt/bikemap)

All equipped with a BOSCH middle engine and a battery that (in normal use) carries you up to 45-70 km

Find your way through  the hilly Lithuanian capital Vilnius without sweat!

Pedelecs make you pedal easy: An electric engine helps you while you are cycling.

!!!Pedelecs are NO electric motorcycles. You still have to pedal !!! 🙂 

If you are looking for en electric motorcycle or a more sportive e-bike, pls. try www.rentebike.lt

Rental fees: 

20€  for the Day (10 a.m. to 8 p.m.):

30€ for 24 hours

Deposit (Caution): 100€ (by credit card or cash)

Soon, we will as well inform you about the possibility to rent electric scooters or more sportive e-bike by order in advance.

Rental Fees:

Day (10 a.m. to 8 p.m.): 20€

24 hrs.: 30€


100€ (grynais arba kortele)

Available in our  ofice (please reserve by phone)

Askoll eB5

 Stylish and fast classical electric bike Askoll eB5. Sport design, front suspension and large wheels ensure smooth driving. Bike is perfect for travelling longer distances inside and outside the city.

22 kg

up to 70 km

25 km/h

Fahradmanufaktur p300 & Raleigh

2 bicycles with Bosch middle engine

E-Bikes/Pedelec E-Bikes/Pedelec

Availaible to rent by order IN ADVANCE only (ask for it 24 hours before)

electric scooters


Xiaomi M365

The most popular electric scotter Xiaomi M365. This e-scooter easily fits to your car  (even more than one) and you will ride up to 25 km by one charge.

12 kg

iki 30 km

25 km/h

Xiaomi M365 PRO

Upgraded Xiaomi M365 version. Xiaomi M365 PRO has higher mileage,more speed and more comfort while driving.

12 kg

iki 45 km

35 km/h

Inokim OX

One of the most powerful e-scooter among all scooter family. With is powerful motor and strong battery you will be able to reach speed up to 45 km/h and ride as long as you want (up to 60 km)! Try this monster!

26 kg

iki 60 km

45 km/h


Fiido D1

Compactible, fun and extended electric drive bike Fiido D1. You can either ride it fully electric with throttle, use pedal assist mode or use only your muscle power. Bike easily fits to your car and only with help of electricity you will ride up to 50 km.

20 kg

iki 50 km

25 km/h

1h – 10 €

Askoll eB Folding Plus

Electric bike Askoll eB Folding Plus is compatible, nice design Italian e-bike. It is easily foldable, has 20” wheels and easily fits to your car. With electric power it can ride up to 70 km. 20” wheels ensure comfortable riding on any road

21 kg

iki 70 km

25 km/h

Haibike eQ Xduro FS 26 RC

Electric bike Haibike – perfect choice for ones who like extreme feelings and traveling off-road. Call your friends and go for a ride – we have 2 Haibikes!

22 kg

iki 80 km

45 km/h

Scott 29

Comfortable and powerful Scott electric bike. Perfect solution for riding in the city or off-road.

22 kg

up to 80 km

45 km/h

Askoll eS pro 70

Electric scooter Askoll eS pro 70. 16 inch wheels ensures comfortable and easy driving. Back of the scooter can carry weight up to 30 kg, therefore it perfectly fis not only for leisure time, but also for parcel and food deliveries. A1 or A driving license required.

70 kg

iki 96 km

66 km/h