Services provided


• RENT. Bicycle rental and rental of Bicycle equipment (panniers, helmets, child seats, etc.);

• TOURS. Bicycle tours of Vilnius and surrounding areas;

•FREE TOURS. Free public tours within city (Velo Sostine) and outside the capital (Velo Neris, Velo Trakai) which became extremely popular within Lithuanians.

• REFURBISHED BIKES. Sale of refurbished bikes with warranty.

Sale of “ORTLIEB” panniers;

• OTHER SERVICES. Self-repair shop, repair, solutions for business, transportation, accessories rent, bicycle route maps sale, public speech & general consultation.

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Hours & Contacts

  • Hours & Info

    from Oct. to April: by agreement
    from April to Oct: 10-20.00 (10am to 8pm)
    nuo Spalio iki Balandžio mėn: pagal susitarimą
    nuo Balandžio iki Spalio: 10 iki 20 val.

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