“Frankas” Kulikauskas (Wurft)

Velo-city director, Frankas Wurft, was born in 1973 in Langenhagen, Germany. He graduated from the University of Hanover with a Master’s degree in political science. In 1999, he came to Lithuania and became, in his own words “a German from Žvėrynas.” From his very first days in Lithuania, Frank was very active in propagating bicycle culture in our land. He is an active board member of The Lithuanian Cyclists’ Community, one of the founding members of the English and German informational websitewww.balticcycle.eu, and administrator of the Lithuanian informational website www.dviratis.lt. He also devotes much of his time and expertise to consultation, speaking engagements, seminars, projects, etc. on the subject of cycling. Frankas also runs city-tours of Vilnius by bicycle, and is fluent in German, Lithuanian, English, French, and Esperanto. Mob.: +370 699 56009 ; frankas@balticcycle.eu

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    from Oct. to April: by agreement
    from April to Oct: 10-20.00 (10am to 8pm)
    nuo Spalio iki Balandžio mėn: pagal susitarimą
    nuo Balandžio iki Spalio: 10 iki 20 val.

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