Used bicycles (and other items) for sale

Bicycles and other items for sale at the moment

(for more details read below)

For the support of the cycling culture we are selling

a) used but good quality bicycles; we sell them with bike pass and guarantee.

All bicycles are legal and technically in a good shape (repaired before sale)

b) maps and descriptions for cycling. You may purchase them in the branches of velo-city or use our web shop for sending (in English and German)

From March 2016 you can find us at our new adress: Pylimo st. 31, Vilnius (not far from the Synagogue)


For foreigners living temporary in Vilnius we have the special offer that within 12 month you can hand the bicycle back to us and we give to up to 50% of the price back (according to the bike’s condition)

Tel. 8 674 12 123

As we don’t have many bicycles for sale at the moment we recommend the only bike shop which (as we know) is selling used bicycles (not to cheap, but not to bad)


Our special offers:

Road bike for sale

Pinarello for €399


City bikes from the bike rental, 3 years old

€190  (new bike price: €450)

Now: €190
7 inner-hub gears SRAM,

Lights with innerhub dynamo

3 breaks.

Safe and comfort bicycles

At the moment there are only  1 male and  2 female frames left!



€120 Panther BMX

Universal Holder to carry three bicycles on a car.  €30

Hybrid bicycles with hydraulic disc brakes

 Super cheap, 30€ each

the “just better than walking” bicycles

E-bikes  / Pedelec

ALU-REX ir Pegasus

€450 and €550

7 gears. from Germany.

New batteries!

Važiuok su vejėliu!

Gaukite elektrinį dviratį už paprasto dviračio kainą

Geros kokybės vokiški elektriniai dviraičai su 7 vidinėmis pavaromis ir šviesa. Variklis priekiniame rate

Mes šviežiai atnaujiname akkumulatorius
(ir kiekvienas akkumulatorius pats jau kainuoja po €300!)


Special bikes


Chopper Bike


[shashin type=”photo” id=”3963,3964″ size=”medium” columns=”max” order=”user” caption=”y” position=”center”]

Ypatingi dviračiai

€290 to €550
[shashin type=”photo” id=”3970,3967,3968,3966,3965,3914″ size=”medium” columns=”max” order=”user” caption=”y” position=”center”]

Allmost new

(Almost) new bicycles

bought at the beginning of the 2016 season

Merida Crossway 20


  • Without disc brakes: 300€
  • With disc brakes: 330€


Detalės / Used bike parts

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