Biking and Canoeing in Vilnius

How does it work?



  • We can either order you a canoeing trip (which brings you by van to the start point)
  • or you cycle to the start by renting an bicycle from our office!


  • Canoeing trips end close to the white bridge in the city centre.
  • You can decide to walk from there or take the bicycle

There are two rivers in Vilnius:

a) the big one is called Neris

That’s the easy, maybe a bit boring version. You can cycle it upward on a bicycle path and canoeing it down. A nice version is to do it at night and see the city lights …

b) the small one is called Vilnia or Vilnele (“Little Vilnia”)

Vilnia can be a bit challenging, some kind of rafting – and in high summer season low in water.

Canoeing routes

There are tree different canoeing options in Vilnius city:

  • Neris
  • Neris at night
  • Vilnia river

free per person is between 10 and 15€

Cycling route

The bicycle part costs 7-10€ for an unguided tour (we give you an map and you have to

Cycling and Canoeying

  • 25€ per person without cycling guide
  • 50€ extra for a cycling guide (not depending on the group size)
About the different routes:


Do you want to experience strong feelings? This offer is perfectly suitable for you.

Boating in canoes in the river Vilnelė will provide you with extreme senses and a charge of adrenalin for each as the chosen course is one of the most complex  from all the courses in Lithuania.  It is not just experiencing sharp feelings, it is also a unique opportunity to admire: Pavilnys regional park landscapes,  exposure of Pučkoris ( 65m height and spread 260m), the uniqueness of Užupis,  Sereikiškis park and when you enter the river Neris you will see inimitable sights of Vilnius city centre.

Boating in Vilnele will undoubtdely make you  experience indelible remembrances and will be an exteme entertainment for everybody. Therefore, to be fear of safety is not worth as we provide only qualitative canoes and the life vests will guarantee your safety.

Just grab your paddles and let`s go!

 Price 10€/person


It is always wonderful to enjoy every single moment of  life! Let’s escape from the concrete jungles and  go sightseeing  Vilnius` architectural memorials as well as nature treasury.

Together with us it can be even more exciting! We offer you a wonderful opportunity to get an eyeful of Verkiai Palace and its watermill, Trinapolis church, Stations of the Cross and plenty of natural and architectural  landscapes.  Take a look at them while boating in a canoe.

“Pipiro baidares” is offering astonishing travels for people who are willing to see the beauty of nature and entertainment on water. Since now we suggest enjoying tourism of water as well as admiring Vilnius.

We guarantee that all day-trippers will be equipped with only qualitative canoes and your security will be ensured by life-jackets.


Neris at night

Do you want to spend a romantic time with your partner?  Have you been missing a thrilling adventure in your life? What are you waiting for? Just grab this offer!

Boating in canoe at night is a really remarkable and unique relaxation. This entertainment is extremely suitable for romantic people as well as for those who are eager to experience extreme adventures.

Rowing the canoes at night you will definitely get more impressions than you have ever imagined.  The view of Vilnius at night will certainly surprise you and when you reach the city centre you will be spellbound.

Moreover, you will be amazed how interesting and surprising can be swimming here in Vilnius with so vivid places of the capital meandering along the mystery overnight river Neris!

Everybody should definitely  feel and see it!

Book a canoeing tour

    (water level on the Vilnele river depends on the weather condition - in hot climate it may be low on water)

The Canoeing equipment


Vienvietė baidarė


Lengva baidarė, kurią, esant reikalui, nesunkiai persinešite


Ypač patogios sėdynės su pamušalu ir atlošu




Lengva baidarė, kurią, esant reikalui, nesunkiai persinešite


Ypač patogios sėdynės su pamušalu ir atlošu

Tai dvivietė polietileninė baidarė, skirta plaukiojimui ramiose upėse ir ežeruose.

Liemenės suaugusiems


Liemenė, skirta suaugusiems


Profesionali liemenė dar didesnei Jūsų apsaugai!


Liemenė vaikams


Liemenė, skirta vaikams


Ryškios spalvos dar didesniam saugumui!


Here’re some impressions from the canoe rental in Vilnius

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